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date: 2021-12-07

Cosmetics can be packaged in round paper cans

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Today, there are more and more cosmetic brands above the market, but their outer packaging is mainly paper packaging in the form of paper boxes. In recent years, round paper canister packaging has attracted the attention of various industries in the packaging field, and has been commonly used in many industries. So, can cosmetics be packaged in round paper tubes?

At present, there are many industries that use paper tube packaging, including the cosmetics industry. In the early days, foreign cosmetic industries used paper tube packaging, while China used very little. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, paper tube as a kind of paper packaging has also been commonly used in China, including the cosmetics industry. In the cosmetics field, the application of paper tube packaging is mainly based on the curl technology and flat bottom and flat cap technology. The products are mainly lipsticks, perfumes, cosmetics and essential oils. In addition to the cosmetics industry is currently also used in food, gifts, electronics and other industries.

Flat bottom and flat cap craft paper cone, packaging form exquisite, high-end, commonly used in some high-end gifts, brand-name cosmetics and other products packaging. Round flat cap is more widely used in foreign countries, but it is more difficult to apply in the domestic market.

Round paper cans as a paper packaging, in line with the global development concept of green packaging.

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