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date: 2021-12-10

Why paper packaging cans are better

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Nowadays, paper cans are increasingly used in the market. Round paper cans are preferred by more and more industries because of their ability to display well, attract consumers' attention and enhance marketing effects.

At present, there are many kinds of packaging cans in the market. The cans can be broadly divided into plastic cans, paper cans and metal cans according to their materials. According to the different materials, the functions, features and benefits of packaging cans are also different. So, which one is more suitable for packaging? Let us explain to you

As we all know, plastic packaging cans have good sealing performance, so many food industry love. However, plastic packaging cans are only plastic products after all, especially as food packaging, not only will bring people to the impact, but also slightly pollute the environment. Due to the increasingly difficult situation of environmental protection, the country is also implementing some plastic restriction measures to reduce the use of plastic packaging.

However, paper cans packaging is made of paper, green and environmentally friendly. They can be in the natural environment in full oxidation, will not water pollution of the environment. In addition, paper packaging cans complex structure, can be integrated with hot stamping, UV, contouring,, printing and other printing processes up to exquisite packaging effects and obvious display effect. Thus, the entire product to enhance the brand power.

From the above point of view, paper packaging cans suitable for food, cosmetics, gifts, electronic products and other industries, with good development and application prospects.

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