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date: 2021-12-11

What is good about round paper tube packaging?

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In this era of visual consumption, consumers not only pay attention to the functionality and practicality of the product itself, but also pay attention to the aesthetics of the product packaging. Paper tube as a kind of round paper packaging, has gotten a lot of business attention.

Round paper tube is a typical representative of paper packaging. Paper as the main raw material, with biodegradable, recyclable advantages, in line with the global trend of green packaging. Nowadays, round paper tube has become the trend of packaging industry transformation.

In recent years, the transformation of the paper packaging industry has been rapid. Whether the manufacturing process or packaging forms have been a certain degree of improvement, round paper tube packaging is a good reflection of the packaging. It is cylindrical, three-dimensional structure, the product display effect is remarkable, causing a good visual experience to consumers and build visual marketing effect.

The printing process is an important part of improving the texture of paper tube packaging. If the manufacturing process of round paper tubes is an integral part, the printing process must be the icing on the cake. Generalpaper tube and hot stamping, UV, contouring, coating and other printing processes are integrated to make the packaging more qualitative and enhance the packaging grade.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, product packaging shows an increasingly important role. Round paper tube packaging is conducive to the differentiation of product packaging, thus building a better product marketing effect.

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