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date: 2021-12-13

There is always a round paper tube packaging to meet you

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       Under the global packaging development boom of paper instead of plastic, round paper tube as a kind of paper packaging has absorbed the attention of various industries in the packaging field. The demand for packaging varies from industry to industry. Therefore, many customers ask whether my products meet the round paper tube packaging?

      At the beginning, the paper tube packaging form is single, the scope of application is very small. But with the development of the packaging industry in recent years, there are more and more types of round paper tube packaging, which can meet the packaging needs of more and more industries.

     Round paper tube packaging according to its sealing can be divided into sealed paper tube and non-sealed paper tube. Customers can choose a more appropriate form of round paper tube packaging according to their own product characteristics and selection.

      For the food industry, as most of the food need a good sealing container, so in the choice of paper tube to choose a good sealing paper tube packaging. For example, composite paper tube is mainly made of paper, aluminum foil and other composite materials. Sealing performance is very good, can play the role of heat insulation and moisture, can meet the requirements of most food packaging.

      In addition, there are some products that do not have strict requirements for packaging sealing. You can choose the full paper tube, such as the top and bottom curl structure of the paper can.

      Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of paper tube packaging. I believe there is always a round paper tube packaging suitable for you.   

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