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date: 2022-02-14

Why do people now choose round paper cans for gift packaging?

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     Nowadays, more and more products are packaged in round paper cans on the market, especially in the food and gift industries. The use of paper cans is becoming more and more widespread. So, what are the characteristics of round paper cans packaging? Why more and more gift packaging choose paper cans?

      As we all know, the world is advocating paper instead of plastic to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic products. Domestic plastic restrictions are also being upgraded, green packaging has become the trend of market development. Paper cans as a kind of paper packaging, in line with the development trend of green packaging. Therefore, it is also subject to the attention of various industries in the field of packaging.

     Paper cans as a kind of paper packaging, and the traditional paper packaging is different, paper cans packaging is cylindrical shape, packaging display effect is durable, causing a good visual impact to consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of visual marketing, enhance the marketing power of the product. In addition, paper can packaging can build a variety of printing processes to enhance the packaging grade.

      More critically, paper can packaging can be built according to different process structures to build a variety of functional attributes to meet the needs of more and more industries or products packaging. Currently, paper can packaging can be divided into sealed packaging and non-sealed packaging to meet the customized needs of food, gifts, cosmetics, electronics and other industries.

       Paper cans as a modern transformation of the product, round paper can packaging will absorb more industry attention and attention, so as to occupy a larger market share and further enhance the sustainable development of society.

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