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date: 2022-02-17

What products are suitable for laminated paper tube packaging?

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      As a cylindrical type of paper tube packaging is now familiar to people. In recent years, with the development and growth of the paper tube packaging industry, the types of paper tubes are also diversified in form, and the application range is also very common. Composite paper tube as a kind of paper tube packaging, it is suitable for what products? Let's get to know it!

     First of all, composite paper tube is made of paper, aluminum foil, metal and other composite materials, so it is called composite paper tube. Composite paper tube is the representative of paper tube packaging industry, especially the excellent sealing, solve the difficult problem of packaging in many industries, and got the market recognition.

Composite paper tube according to the open tube open different ways, composite paper top cover can be divided into metal easy to pull cover, aluminum foil easy to tear cover and transparent easy to tear cover and other three forms. But they are very convenient to open the way, to give users a good shopping experience.

     At present, composite paper tube packaging is widely used in many fields such as leisure food, pet food, health care products, spices, daily necessities and so on.

Compared with other forms of paper tube packaging, composite paper tube has better sealing performance and can be used directly for food, which meets the sealing requirements of most food packaging.

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