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date: 2022-02-22

Do you know the uses of paper cylinder packaging?

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       In recent years, cylinder packaging has been loved by the packaging industry. In the midst of this fierce competition, novel packaging methods can enhance the competitive advantage of goods in the market, thus achieving better marketing results.

      Most of what we commonly see in life are bagged. The shape looks very general, not interesting, it is difficult to enter the heart of customers. With the transformation of the domestic packaging industry, cylinder packaging has emerged, refreshing the modern packaging methods and gaining the attention of the market. There are also its various forms of packaging methods, so that users have more opportunities to choose the packaging.

     Cylinder packaging cartons can be divided into paper, iron and plastic. However, with the promulgation of the 'Plastic Restriction Order' and the country's focus on natural environmental protection, 'paper instead of plastic' has become a development trend. Therefore, paper tube packaging by the attention of the packaging industry.

      At present, cylinder packaging has been widely used in food, gifts, perfume, electronic products, cosmetics and many other industries. It meets the needs of different industries for cylinder packaging.

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