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date: 2019-06-10

Plastic pollution is becoming more and more serious. Paper packaging helps environmental protection.

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Recently, a whale was found stranded and died on the coast of the Philippines. A plastic bag weighing approximately 80 pounds was found in the dead whale during dissection. It is they that make whales unable to eat, die in dehydration and hunger. In recent years, there have been many animals that have died from eating plastic products. In order to protect the global environment, the food industry is working together.

As the concept of environmental protection has become more and more popular, the environmental protection of food packaging on the market has become stronger and stronger. Some beverage packaging changed the plastic bottles into cartons, some of the cakes were changed from plastic bags to paper bags, and some biscuits were also discarded from plastic bags to carton packs. In contrast, food filling and packaging machinery is also innovating in the direction of environmental protection.

The carton packer is designed for the carton pack of beverages. It can be used in the packaging of gas-free liquids, fluid foods such as milk, juice, tea drinks, coffee, cream and so on. The packaging equipment is fully automatic controlled by PLC, and the operation process does not require manual participation. The surface of the device is equipped with a touch-type human-machine interface on which the operator can operate the machine and monitor the internal operation of the machine.

The carton packaging machine adopts rolling paper feeding, and the paper feeding process is smooth. At the same time of feeding the paper, the production date of the carton, the printing of the batch number, the pre-sticking of the sealing strip, and the anti-virus sterilization of the carton sheet can be completed. At the end of the carton, the carton will be folded into a machine for drinking. The carton forming combines the two technologies of radiant heat and high-frequency induction power to make the carton seal more secure and reduce the defective rate.

The mechanical transmission method also combines two technologies: mechanical and pneumatic. The mechanical type is mainly used, and the pneumatic type is auxiliary, which makes the machine run more smoothly and smoothly. In addition, the machine is specially equipped with a device that does not stop changing the roll. When a roll of paper is used up, the unit can automatically change the roll without stopping the machine. This eliminates the need to worry about slowing down the production process and greatly improving work efficiency.

In addition to the carton packaging machine, the origami packaging machine has also been favored by the relevant food companies, it is mainly used for the packaging of moon cakes, shortbread cakes, wife cakes, cakes and other pastries. The traditional packaging method of Chinese pastries is to use paper packaging. The origami packaging machine not only caters to the current concept of environmental protection, but also makes the pastry packaging return to the traditional.

The origami packaging machine also adopts the combination of PLC control and touch screen operation, which is simple and easy to operate. The machine has an automatic loading function for pipeline operation. The processes of paper feeding, cutting, packaging, and coding are automatically completed by the machine, and the products are packaged evenly and neatly. Although paper-packed pastries have shortened their shelf life, their environmentally friendly packaging methods are still popular with consumers.

In our daily life, “food” accounts for a large part, and there is a lot of domestic garbage derived from the diet. These garbage are eroding our living environment little by little, and the voice of environmental protection in life is getting louder and louder. Related food companies can improve their packaging methods, use more environmentally friendly processing equipment or use environmentally friendly packaging materials, in order to win the consumer's favorite.

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