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date: 2019-06-11

Everbright International pre-wins the PPP project for domestic waste incineration power generation!

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Polaris Solid Waste Network News: The Polaris Solid Waste Network was informed that the China Government Procurement Network released the pre-bidding result of the PPP project for domestic waste incineration power generation in Nanyang City. Everbright International won the bid for the project. The total investment of the project is about 800 million, and the domestic garbage disposal fee is quoted as 56.8 yuan / ton, the details are as follows:

One. Purchaser Name: Nanyang City Administration

two. Procurement Project Name: Nanyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation PPP Project

three. Purchasing item number: Nanyang Zhengcai Open-2019-75

four. Procurement method: open tender

Fives. Procurement Announcement Release Date: May 31, 2019

Sixth, the pre-winning results public announcement period: June 26, 2019 to July 2, 2019

Seven, procurement needs

Project Scale: To build a domestic waste incineration plant with a total scale of 2,250 tons/day. The first phase of the project incinerator is set at 2×750t/d, the treatment scale is 1,500 tons/day, and two 20MW steam turbine generator sets are built. The boiler adopts medium-temperature medium-pressure steam boiler (400°C, 4MPa), and the civil construction is completed once. The second-stage equipment expansion position is reserved, and the 1000-ton/day leachate treatment station is built in the plant area.

Project concession period: 30 years (including 2 years construction period).

Basic technical route: mechanical grate furnace, waste gas incinerator flue gas treatment system adopts 'SNCR + semi-dry method + dry method + activated carbon injection + bag dust removal' process.

Eight. Date of bid evaluation: June 24, 2019

Procurement result confirmation negotiation date: June 25, 2019

nine. Pre-winning results:

Pre-winning social capital: China Everbright International Co., Ltd.

Successful bidding conditions: Domestic garbage disposal fee: 56.8 yuan / ton

ten. List of members of the bid evaluation committee:

Shi Yang, Wu Wenwei, Gong Yuxun, Dong Yongsheng, Zhou Jiwen, Zhang Xin, Ding Songtao

eleven. Procurement results confirm the list of members of the Negotiation Working Group:

See Attachment 1: Nanyang City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation PPP Project Procurement Result Confirmation Negotiation Sign-in Form

twelve. Contact information

1. Purchaser: Nanyang City Administration

Contact: Wang Fuhui

Tel: 13733113986

Address: No. 619, Zhongzhou West Road, Wolong District, Nanyang City

2. Purchasing agency: Sinochem Business Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ge Yan

Tel: 010-59368924

Fax: 010-59369782

Address: 21st Floor, Zhonghua Building, No. A2, Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing

Original title: Nanyang City Urban Management Bureau Nanyang City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation PPP Project Pre-winning Public Notice

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