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date: 2019-06-11

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Environmental law enforcement will record the whole process

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Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the 'Implementation Opinions on the Legal System Review System for Major Enforcement Decisions in the Whole Process of the Enforcement of the Law Enforcement System for the Enforcement of the Law Enforcement System' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Implementation Opinions'), and fully implemented the administrative law enforcement field in the ecological environment. The law enforcement public notice system, the whole process record system for law enforcement, and the legal review system for major law enforcement decisions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “three systems”) have clear requirements.

Full implementation of the 'three systems' in the ecological environment system, further standardizing the administrative inspections, administrative penalties, administrative compulsory, administrative licensing and other activities of the ecological and environmental departments at all levels, is to promote the comprehensive environmental protection environmental protection law enforcement team to strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement, and effectively protect the people Important measures for the legitimate environmental rights of the people.

The 'Implementation Opinions' clearly stipulates that the administrative law enforcement publicity system should be fully implemented. According to the principle of 'who enforces law and who publicizes', the law enforcement publicity responsibility should be implemented, the standards, formats, and public channels of publicity content should be regulated, the prior disclosure should be strengthened, the publicity of matters should be strengthened, and the publicity should be strengthened. Open afterwards.

Full implementation of the entire process of law enforcement record system, through the text, audio and other means to record the entire process of administrative law enforcement, archived according to the norm, and establish a sound management system for the entire process of law enforcement, strengthen the rigid constraints on the entire process record.

Full implementation of the legal review system for major law enforcement decisions. Before the major eco-environment departments make major law enforcement decisions, they must strictly review the legal system. If the legal system has not been approved or the audit has not been passed, no decision can be made.

The 'Implementation Opinions' emphasizes that local ecological and environmental departments at all levels should implement the 'three systems' under the specific organization and implementation of the people's governments at the same level, and must closely integrate the actual work, strengthen the vertical resource integration and information sharing within the ecological environment system, and do The system is organically connected and highly integrated to prevent each line from doing and repeating construction. All localities rely on information technology means such as big data and cloud computing to vigorously promote the construction of 'Internet + government service' platform, environmental law enforcement platform, 'Internet + supervision' and ecological environmental protection big data system. In the process of implementing the 'three systems', it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of an integrated law enforcement team for ecological environmental protection, continuously improve the operational capabilities and law enforcement qualities of law enforcement personnel, and create a law enforcement team with strong political stance, good style, strict discipline, and honest and pragmatic.

The 'Implementation Opinions' require that the eco-environment departments at all levels shall, prior to the end of 2019, formulate relevant supporting regulations for the completion of the department's comprehensive environmental protection environmental protection team's powers and responsibilities, and the list of major law enforcement decisions, and form a scientific and reasonable 'three.' System of the system. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will strengthen the guidance and supervision of the implementation of the 'three systems' in various places through the guidance of administrative law enforcement cases, standardizing the discretionary power of administrative punishment, and reviewing administrative punishment files.

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