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date: 2019-07-11

The 2nd Hubei Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Competition was kicked off

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The 2nd Hubei Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Competition was kicked off


On July 6, it was jointly organized by Hubei Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Hubei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Women's Federation and Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration. Hubei Province Environmental Monitoring The '2019 'Hubei Artisan Cup' Skills Competition - the second Hubei Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Professional and Technical Personnel Competition' hosted by the Central Station opened in Wuhan. The 47 teams and 233 players of the province's ecological environment monitoring and social testing institutions participated in the theoretical examination of the big contest (provincial preliminary) at the School of Computer Science of Wuhan University.

This year's contest is to thoroughly implement the internship of the Pingping ecological civilization, to implement the strategy of strengthening the country's skills and strengthen the province's skills, and to promote the spirit of craftsmen, to further enhance the province's ecological environment monitoring capabilities and monitoring business skills and operations, and strive to create an ecological environmental protection iron army An important event. According to the arrangement of the event, the contest is conducted in two parts: the theoretical examination (provincial preliminary) and the on-site practice (provincial final).

The 233 players who participated in the theoretical examination (provincial preliminary competition) came from 13 cities and prefectures, 3 municipalities, 27 counties (cities, districts) and 20 social testing institutions in the province, and 30 of the 47 participating teams. The county environmental monitoring station team and 17 social testing teams, 12 of which are monitoring (detecting) wing. The theoretical examination covers surface water, groundwater, atmosphere, greenhouse gases, sound, solid waste, soil, ecology (including biology) and other factors, involving ecological environment quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring and environmental emergency monitoring. During the written test, the players can strictly abide by the discipline of the examination room, answer the questions carefully, and show the excellent self in a good posture. The invigilator gives each player a realistic theoretical level with a strict test style. After the exam, 12 experts and professors from universities such as Wuhan University conducted a scoring and grading of 233 responses, and 12 leaders reviewed the results of the scoring on-site. The Skills Competition Department of the Provincial Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department and the Ecological Environment Monitoring Department supervised the examination and marking scenes.

On July 8th, the Eco-environment Monitoring Department of the Provincial Department of Eco-Environment notified the province's eco-environment department of the list of the top 15 teams and individual top 50 athletes in the theoretical examination group, and announced the test results enquiry number. From July 31st to August 1st, a total of 80 players from the top 15 teams participating in the theoretical examination group and the provincial environmental monitoring center team will conduct a live competition (provincial finals). The continuous development of this activity will further promote the growth of outstanding talents in the province's eco-environment system and the formation of a strong atmosphere of “comparation, learning, rush, help and super”, and continuously improve the technical level of first-line monitoring (testing) personnel for Hubei. We will provide strong support for the fight against pollution.

Source: Hubei

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