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date: 2019-07-11

Investigate the ecological environmental protection work in Tianmen City

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Provincial Ecological Environment Department investigates Tianmen City's ecological environmental protection work

Source: Tianmen City Ecological Environment Bureau

On July 8, Li Ruiqin, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, led a team to Tianmen City to conduct research on ecological environmental protection work. Vice Mayor Jiang Shengxiong accompanied the investigation.

At the symposium, Li Ruiqin listened to Tianmen City's report on eco-environmental protection work this year, and exchanged ideas on how to fight pollution prevention and control, and the responsible persons of relevant departments of Tianmen City's ecological environment and some special representatives of the National People's Congress and CPPCC members. The problems encountered in the work of treatment, groundwater management monitoring, water-related gas quality assessment, and “environmental protection housekeeper” projects were investigated at the scene, and solutions and measures were proposed. Since the beginning of this year, Tianmen City has focused on improving the quality of the ecological environment, focusing on rectifying and highlighting environmental issues, and making every effort to rectify the environmental protection inspectors. On the basis of the overall dredging of the rainwater pipelines in Tianmen City, the key water points will be re-opened and increased. And reform the rainwater wells, continue to promote the comprehensive management project of the upstream tributaries of the Tianmen River, carry out the overall management of the Tianmen River garbage, implement the long river system, increase the pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding in the Tianmen River Basin, and comprehensively launch the battle of clear water, blue sky and pure land. Strictly promote environmental supervision and law enforcement, promote the reform of “distribution service”, and effectively promote the ecological environmental protection work in Tianmen City.

After the meeting, Li Ruiqin and his entourage visited the Tianmen River City section to understand the rectification of the domestic sewage collection pipe network in Tianmen City. The water quality of the Yongqiao River was checked along the way, and it was required to clean up the waste on the slope as soon as possible. Li Ruiqin also went to Yitai Pharmaceutical, Yihongyuan Renewable Resources, Fulin Chemical and other enterprises to inspect the situation of volatile organic matter treatment, sewage treatment, hazardous waste collection and disposal, relocation of chemical enterprises along the river, etc., to listen to the company's demands and put forward work requirements.

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