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date: 2019-07-11

"Three stations one time" to enhance the environment and welcome the military

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'Three stations one time' to enhance the environment and welcome the military


Overlooking the Tianhe Airport environment


With the pace of the military sports meeting getting closer and closer, the upgrade of Wuhan's “three stations and one game” has gradually entered the end. Tianhe Airport is the “air gate” of Wuhan. During the military Games, most of the VIPs and contestants from all over the world will enter Wuhan from here. The three major railway stations serve as the main transportation hub and also undertake the important tasks of welcoming foreign guests. .

Under the overall command of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the “three stations and one event” has been continuously improved and improved. The environment inside and outside the station has undergone no small changes. The facade is cleaner, the logo is more complete, and the greening is more... The order of the taxi market around the station has also been rectified, and the portal window of Wuhan is welcoming the arrival of the military Games with a new look.

Tianhe Airport

Point line surface all-round promotion

Exhibition of large aviation hubs

Overlooking Tianhe Airport from the sky, the supporting architectural styles of office, industry and warehousing within 12.3 square kilometers are more harmonious, presenting the modern style of large aviation hubs.

In order to show the city's beautiful 'air card', Tianhe Airport has launched the upgrading work of landscape lighting and road reconstruction, realizing the complete coverage from point to line, from line to surface, from edge to depth. At present, various projects have been basically completed. carry out.

The metal roofs of the building buildings in the airport area are uniformly presented with “airplane gray” color. The roof of the office building and the large slope protection are paved with green artificial turf. The old buildings are pipelined, air-conditioner, door and window replacement and cleaning.

'We have benchmarked the construction standards for the two rivers and four banks, the East Lake Greenway and other places, and completed the construction of lighting projects in accordance with the design concept of individualization, humanization and art.' The relevant person in charge of Hubei Airport Group introduced.

In the Tianhe Airport area, the main entrance road, VIP and special plane channels increase the landscape lighting by 4 kilometers. Through the intelligent control of the space, timing and color of the LED lights, the airport has a three-dimensional dynamic light effect at night. Installed more than 1,200 wall washers and floodlights in key buildings, reflecting the magnificent and atmospheric architectural features of large airports; installing more than 3,100 functional lighting fixtures in the elevated road bridges and parking lots to improve the safety factor of vehicles driving at night.

Along the second channel of Tianhe Airport, the main entrance and exit of the airport is full of red flowers and greens. The cement wall on the roadside turns into thousands of square meters of green walls. The air portal is forming a three-dimensional ecological landscape. The seasonal flowers and themes are rich. Beautiful.

In order to give full play to the connection and transshipment function of large-scale integrated transportation hubs, Tianhe Airport has carried out an overall transformation of road traffic facilities in combination with the current situation of the site, and further optimized the traffic flow lines into and out of the site. Including the line approach, the VIP passage, the parking lot and other roads adopt line adjustment, blackening and milling, etc., the rectification area is about 40,000 square meters; the elevation of the bridge and the pier of Gaoqiao Road Bridge is about 60,000 square meters. Replaced 86 self-illuminating traffic signage signs to standardize the Chinese and English names of unified roads and buildings; also added 2 sidewalks and 1 dedicated lane for buses. Next, Tianhe Airport will focus on filling in the gaps and strengthening and strengthening, and strive to meet the military sports meeting with the most beautiful environment and the best service.

Wuhan Station

The lighting project has been completed

Road guidance logo is more comprehensive

Like the airport, the train station is the window of the city, leaving a first impression on the Han. Recently, the Wuhan Railway Station lighting project was completed, lighting up the 28th lighting lamp of the East Square and the 50-inch lighting of the West Square, the 1500-meter landscape light strip, the 80-inch lantern, the new 8盏9-tailed Phoenix light, under the night Ambilight.

In addition to the lighting, around the Wuhan Railway Station, road quality improvement projects were carried out around the main roads such as Baiyun Road, Harmony Road and Tuanjie Avenue, and the station square facilities were upgraded.

Walking on the road surface of the East and West Square of Wuhan Station, you can see a lot of newly repaired floor tiles. The original broken floor tiles were replaced by new floor tiles. The damaged pavement of the asphalt pavement of the bus, the Baiyun Road and the West Square No. 2 Road have also been repaired.

The overall architectural color tone is gray, and it looks atmospheric and solemn. Whether it is in the east or west square entrance or exit, or inside the station, the guiding signs and signs are obviously more, and the various guidelines are clear at a glance, making it easier for passengers to conveniently enter the station.

“The East Square is mainly a function of dredging. The West Square is a leisure function. The two square entrances are set with floral shapes. The rest seats are updated and upgraded to create a comfortable and beautiful ride atmosphere for the guests.” Wuhan Station related work According to personnel introduction, West Plaza also added a “peak sunset passenger zone” to alleviate the traffic congestion pressure during the peak passenger flow in the east and west. In addition, all the lighting electrical lines in the station were inspected and repaired, and the sewer drainage network was also modified.

The function of the service station of Wuhan Station will continue to improve. It can provide 30 services to solve the passengers' ticket purchase, pit stop and passenger car consultation. In particular, the military service function is specially added, and the 12306 military service linkage management is implemented with 12306. The military can enjoy 10 kinds of services. Priority service.

Wuchang Station

Military waiting room

Conduct various trainings such as English etiquette

As a good host, showing the good image of the railway, Wuchang Railway Station began to act from the station. Whether it is the elevators, air-conditioning and other infrastructure in the station, or the inside and outside guidance signs, the station exterior wall and the platform surface, Wuchang Station has been cleaned up. At present, more than 580 sets of lighting fixtures in the station, more than 60 automatic ticket-selling machines, more than 280 guiding signs, more than 20 elevators, central air-conditioning in the ticketing hall of the waiting room, customer service system and broadcasting system have been checked and rectified. maintain.

Entering the hall of Wuchang Station, the right hand side has been walking in, and I came to the VIP waiting area, where there is a military waiting room. 'This newly-built waiting room will transfer the station's original military waiting room to the VIP waiting area, and hang the sign, setting up a dedicated area, which is twice the area of other ordinary waiting rooms.' The relevant person in charge of Wuchang Station introduced.

In the military waiting area, passengers can enjoy one-stop mobile phone free charging, independent direct drinking water and special newspapers and magazines, etc. The staff will provide services for the waiting soldiers 24 hours a day.

In addition to improving the hard environment, Wuchang Railway Station invited foreign students from Hubei University of Technology to open an English training class at the station to enhance the “soft power”, focusing on the frequent inquiry of passengers and the guidance language of the waiting area, and the foreign teachers and employees talked about the situation.

'This training is very popular and the effect is very good. It has been held in three phases and more than 150 people participated.' A staff member at the Wuchang Station Service Desk said that foreign tourists are now available every day, and there will be more during the military sports meeting. Providing bilingual services can better demonstrate the international image of Wuhan.

At the same time, Wuchang Station opened a service etiquette training class according to the characteristics of the military sports meeting, and strengthened training from the aspects of grooming, talking and talking, and foreign etiquette. It is reported that Wuchang Railway Station also contacted Hubei University of Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University and other universities, and plans to recruit volunteers to carry out volunteer services at the station during the military sports meeting.

Hankou Station

Advance lighting project

Create a first-class window image of the military sports

At the South Square of Hankou Railway Station, the streamlined lawn is pleasing to the eye, and a variety of flowers complement each other. A few large osmanthus trees and hackberry trees on the square make you feel like you are in a park.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the military sports meeting, Hankou Railway Station constantly optimizes the environmental facilities of the station to make the service look new and enhance the image of the city window.

At present, Hankou Station installed and repaired the 836 roof of the facade façade of the station building, which completely outlines the outline of the station, and shows the effect of the European style of the station at night, adding color to the military transportation.

At the same time, the two publicity screens outside the station will be used to continuously broadcast the promotional videos of the military sports, and the awareness of passengers on the military sports will be enhanced. In addition, the platform lamps, guide signs, and elevators were optimized and maintained. Organized personnel to carry out high-altitude cleaning on a regular basis to create a good riding environment.

Strictly implement the military priority policy, set up four military priority ticket purchase windows in the station, and preferentially sell tickets for military personnel; set the real-name verification port of the 6th channel of the pit stop as the priority channel for military personnel; the VIP room service desk and the second floor of the station The Louxin Lianxin General Service Desk set up a military contact service point to provide consultation and guidance services for military personnel; the military waiting room has facilities such as sofas, TVs, computers and mobile phone free charging stations.

In order to meet the travel needs of military personnel from various countries in the military sports, the station also conducted special training on business knowledge and spoken English for passenger transport and ticket sales personnel, set up a bilingual service detachment, produced a military priority service card, and passed WeChat, Microblogging pushes the service measures of the military sports, and makes the experience of military personnel from all over the world better.

“Three stations and one time” continued to carry out taxi order rectification

It’s not a “wind gust”, joint law enforcement, publishing violation information

Taxi is a business card for urban mobility. The phenomenon of illegal, retrograde, refusal, bargaining, and spelling of passengers in Wuhan still occurs from time to time. The “three stations and one game” is especially typical. On March 26 this year, the city held the promotion meeting of the taxi operation order rectification work, and set the goal of “the whole city taxi operation order must be improved before the end of August”.

For more than three months, the city's transportation, public security, urban management, and the people's governments of various districts have jointly carried out the rectification actions of passenger taxis in the window of “three stations and one field” to purify the order of the passenger taxi market.

The Huanghua District Transportation Bureau has formulated the 'Long-distance zoning management plan for taxis in the airport area', and set up a short-distance return fast-track at the airport taxi operation site to clear the difficulties of long-distance refusal of taxis, bargaining, hacking, and hacking. ,Widely acclaimed.

There are 14 high-definition video surveillance installed in the airport, and the taxi delivery area is included in the monitoring scope. Three license plate recognition cameras are installed at the site. When the illegal vehicles pass the camera point, an alarm will be given to facilitate law enforcement officers to crack down on illegal vehicles. . Through the personnel inspection system and technical defense measures, the full coverage of the 24-hour law enforcement will be realized.

In response to the taxi order in Hankou Railway Station, the Jianghan District Transportation Bureau said that it will increase the input of law enforcement forces, from 6 am to 0:30 am the next day, strictly prevent and control taxis, illegally arrest, bargain, bargain, etc. phenomenon. For taxis that have been operating inferiorly around Hankou Station for a long time, the station office will also lock the evidence of violations of these taxis, impose strict enforcement limits, and publicly expose them to the public on a regular basis.

Wuhan Station plays the role of 110 command platform, and applies functions such as joint forensics, illegal capture, and empty call to the taxi management. It broadcasts on the four main roads of Wuhan Station and east and west elevated broadcasts to remind taxi drivers to consciously abide by site management. Provisions. For taxis that violate the rules, the Wuhan Station IMC will promptly release the license plate number and fine information on the major LED displays on the roadside of the station area to warn the taxi drivers to operate in compliance.

As the city's first railway station to take over the taxi business site, Wuchang Railway Station Station Office established a two-level joint rectification mechanism in the urban area, strengthening the method of 'joint action, separate law enforcement', public security investigation and law enforcement, punishment of rabbits; traffic police investigation Traffic violations, investigation of vehicle violations; traffic, passenger management and station areas to investigate violations of operations, investigate and deal with inferior services; market supervision bureaus to check the price and price violations.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau said that the orderly operation of the taxi market is not a 'wind gust'. It is necessary to adhere to the 'heavy punch' of chaos and adhere to the 'three uniforms' punishment standard; resolutely resist zero tolerance of law enforcement. The use of voice chat walkie-talkies and “lock-door refusal” behaviors in operations are severely cracked down.

This edition of the plan: Lu Zuowu

Author of this edition: Wang Qian Xu Qiang Zhong Ming Qiu Yi Chen Hao

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