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date: 2019-07-13

No farming is allowed within 1000 meters of the lake shoreline

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No farming is allowed within 1000 meters of the lake shoreline

The Yangtze River Daily News (Reporter Jin Tao correspondent Li Fang) expanded the scope of the banned area, cleared the lakeside aquaculture industry and fishery in large areas, and added an ecological barrier to protect the water quality of Liangzi Lake from the external environment. On the 11th, the reporter of Changjiang Daily saw a production of many new pig farms with a production capacity of nearly 20,000 square meters. This is a scene in which Jiangxia District of Wuhan City has completely retired and retired from the lake around Liangzi Lake.

Around Liangzi Lake, it used to be a good place for aquaculture and pig farming.

In accordance with the rectification opinions of the central environmental protection inspectors and the requirements of provincial and municipal leaders, Jiangxia District has comprehensively carried out the retreat of the Liangzi Lake and returned to the lake, and the lake is still wet, and the water quality defense of Liangzi Lake has been launched.

In June, after review by experts, Jiangxia District issued the “Planning Plan for Aquaculture Waters”, which “locked” more than 780 acres of land retreat around Liangzi Lake, including more than 780, including intensive fish ponds and lake fish.

At the same time, the resettlement work plan for the livestock and poultry banned areas, the limited-up areas, and the suitable areas in the Jiangxia District was formulated and implemented, and the relocation of livestock and poultry around Liangzi Lake was accelerated.

The annual production capacity of the new breeding farm is designed to be 30,000 heads. It is a provincial-level agricultural leading enterprise and has a demonstration effect in the local economy. However, the site of the pig farm is only 500 meters away from the lakeshore line and belongs to the banned area. After some publicity, the person in charge of the company said: Immediately shut down the pig farm and make a contribution to protect Liangzi Lake.

Up to now, there are 4 non-reserved enterprises in the banned area around Liangzi Lake (Wulongquan Street, Wuliangquan Street, COFCO Original Seed Farm, Jinlongli New Field, Shu'an Street Dechang Fishery and Animal Husbandry Farm) and Liangzi Lake (along the lake) Within 10 meters, 10 small and medium-sized farms have been completely dismantled, with a total area of 102,000 square meters of demolition and 120,000 heads of live pigs.

The returning and fishing work is smooth and meticulous. The relevant departments of the district also track and supervise the breeding tail water, which must meet the standards before they can be discharged. At the same time, set up a public sign in the fishing area, announce the report phone, and accept the supervision of the masses. All withdrawals can be “delisted”.

The return of fishing is not a 'return', the farmers will also clean up the bait machine, aerator, bait fertilizer in the fish pond, and plant water plants at the lake.

According to reports, Jiangxia District will complete the task of retiring and retreating around Liangzi Lake before the end of this year.

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