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date: 2021-11-25

A big secret about food paper can packaging

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I believe everyone is familiar with food paper tube packaging and has come into contact with it in daily life. At present, there are more and more food paper tubes on the market, which are favored and widely used by consumers. But many people do not know why food paper tube packaging is becoming more and more popular? What is the secret? Follow me to understand

Paper tube packaging with paper as the main raw material, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic and colorless, biodegradable, easy to recycle, and paper tube packaging has excellent protective performance, good moisture-proof and waterproof effect and certain insulation effect. Paper tube packaging has good application prospects, can replace plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and other packaging containers. Paper tube packaging is safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging.

Although paper tube packaging is developed in recent years. But now paper tube packaging has been commonly used. It can not only contain chips, cookies, dried fruits, tea, coffee, milk powder, rice flour, sugar and other solid foods, but also some liquid foods commonly used in daily life, such as milk, drinks, beverages, etc.

After listening to my introduction, do you suddenly realize that there are so many advantages of food paper tube packaging.

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