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date: 2021-11-26

The benefits of tea in paper tubes

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  As we all know, tea is very picky about storage conditions. If it is not preserved correctly, the quality of tea leaves will be greatly reduced and the taste of tea leaves will be affected. Nowadays, there are many kinds of tea packaging, such as paper tubes, iron tubes, plastic products, etc., but most people choose to use paper tubes to hold tea leaves. Why is that? Is it good to use paper tubes for tea? Let's take a look below!

The benefits of tea in paper tubes

  We all know that there are three taboos for preserving tea: moisture, heat and sunlight. If any of these conditions are not met, it will affect the quality of the tea leaves and ultimately the color, aroma and flavor of the tea leaves。It is said that tea lovers can deeply feel that tea tastes much worse and changes in flavor after being exposed to moisture than after, mainly because of the deterioration of tea leaves due to moisture. Paper tubes are mainly made of paper and have a good moisture-proof effect. Using paper tubes to store tea can avoid deterioration due to dryness, so paper tubes are very suitable for storing tea The most suitable storage temperature for tea is 0-5℃. If the temperature is too low, the amino acids, sugars, vitamins and aromatic substances in the tea will be decomposed and destroyed, resulting in the deterioration of tea quality. Paper tube packaging has a good heat insulation effect, which can avoid the internal high temperature from stimulating the items contained in the paper tube and affecting the product quality. If tea stored in a glass container or in a uniform plastic bag is exposed to sunlight it will promote the oxidation of tea pigments and esters as it will undergo a chemical reaction which will deteriorate the quality of the tea. Paper tube packaging has excellent light blocking properties.

  In conclusion, we have to say that paper tubes are the best containers for tea. In the future, we should also pay attention to the preservation of tea leaves in the midst of our life. Try to choose paper tubes for tea to avoid tea deterioration.

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