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date: 2021-11-27

What do you know about laminated paper tubes?

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I believe we are all familiar with paper can packaging. There are many kinds of paper cans, such as food paper cans, cosmetic paper cans, gift paper cans, etc. Have you ever heard of laminated paper cans? What is laminated paper tube? What are the advantages and characteristics of composite paper tube? Let us follow the editor to understand.

According to the industry, paper cans can be divided into food paper cans, wine paper cans, electronic toy paper cans, gift paper cans, cosmetic paper cans, etc.; according to the structure and function, paper cans can be divided into full paper cans, composite paper cans, nitrogen-filled and sealed paper cans, metal-covered paper cans, etc.

Composite paper tube as a paper can is a common type of paper can. Composite paper cans are a type of paper packaging container made of paper and other materials. It has been developed only in recent years. Currently, laminated paper tubes are commonly used. In addition to containing solid powdered foods such as cocoa powder, tea, sugar, salt, cereals, coffee and dried fruits, they can also contain some liquid foods such as beverages, drinks and milk. These can be found everywhere in the daily life and are very safe and environmental friendly.

Laminated paper tubes have good development and application prospects to replace plastic, metal, glass, ceramic and other packaging containers. Compared with these packaging containers, composite paper cans have significant advantages. Its main features are: composite paper cans with paper as the main raw material, easy to recycle; the composite paper cans have excellent protection, moisture and water resistance, and a certain amount of heat insulation; composite paper cans made of new environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and colorless, safe and reliable. Therefore, composite paper cans are especially suitable for food packaging.

After reading the above, do you have a thorough understanding of composite paper cans? Compared with other packaging containers, the advantages of laminated paper tubes are more significant. With its safety and environmental protection, laminated paper tube will be recognized by more and more consumers and win a broader market.

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