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date: 2021-12-01

What are the advantages of paper cans compared to other packaging cans?

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Today, packaging cans are a very popular form of packaging. In recent years, the rapid development of the packaging industry, packaging cans of various types. Paper cans as a type of packaging cans, by the attention and favor of various industries. What are the advantages of paper cans compared to other packaging cans?

In terms of paper can materials, paper cans packaging with paper as raw materials, the selection of natural, safe and sanitary, will not pollute the environment, which is the plastic cans, metal cans and other packaging can not do. The green characteristics of paper can packaging is sought after by the food industry, and even by the global food packaging industry's attention and favor. Paper cans are typically one of the green packaging.

In terms of the performance of paper cans, paper cans packaging has a good sealing performance, can play a waterproof and moisture-proof role, suitable for all types of product packaging, especially for packaging sealing requirements are relatively high food industry. Paper can packaging sealing is not lower than plastic and metal packaging, paper can packaging can be achieved bare food packaging, to meet the safety and sealing requirements of paper can packaging products.

From the structure of paper cans, paper cans are more complex packaging structure, with good prospects for the development of applications. Many industries also use the diversified structure of paper cans to break through the traditional packaging forms, to achieve product packaging differentiation and personalization, thereby enhancing product competitiveness and maximizing product value.

Whether in terms of materials, performance or structure, paper cans are a more market potential for packaging forms. With the increasing popularity of paper can packaging, more and more industries are recognizing the need to use paper can packaging. Currently, paper can packaging can be used for food, cosmetics, gifts, electronic products and other industries. Of course, more uses of paper cans are waiting for us to develop and create together!

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