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date: 2021-12-06

Advantages of choosing cylindrical paper tube packaging

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My friends often ask me: What are the advantages ofcylindrical paper tubepackaging compared to traditional packaging? In fact, there are many products packaged with paper tubes above the market, but their knowledge of paper tubes is not very detailed. Here, I will popularize the knowledge ofcylindrical paper tube packaging for you.

As we all know, product packaging is very important, because it is the first impression of the consumer to the product. Therefore, when a brand new product to the market or product changes, packaging is particularly critical.

Most traditional forms of packaging mainly use plastic bag packaging, however, the sophisticated appearance of cylindrical paper tube packaging is indisputable. The practicality of cylindrical paper tube packaging is also very satisfying. For example, the food industry has high standards for packaging, such as safety and tightness, and cylindrical paper tube packaging can meet both of these requirements.

The laminated paper tube consists of food-grade white paperboard and food-grade aluminum foil, which can meet the food industry's requirements for packaging safety and quality. What's more, it has excellent sealing, precisely avoiding food deterioration and mold due to moisture, ensuring the safety of food.

As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, it is inevitable to replace traditional plastic packaging with cylindrical paper tube packaging.

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