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date: 2021-12-14

Customized manufacturers of cylindrical paper cans

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Today, there are various forms of product packaging on the market. Cylindrical paper cans as a paper packaging are favored by various industries in the field of packaging. For different industries and products, the need for packaging can also vary. Many customers come up and ask: Can cylindrical wrapping paper be customized? The answer is yes.

Cylindrical paper can packaging is made of paper as the main raw material, and its structure is complex and diverse. Depending on the process, a variety of paper can packaging styles can be displayed. The scope of customization of cylindrical paper cans includes materials, specifications, sizes, processes, etc. The details depend on the specific needs of the customer.

As we all know, there are many types of paper, and different industries require different paper. For example, the food industry should use food-grade paper. Each industry has different products and different paper requirements.

In addition to the customization of paper materials, the size of the paper can packaging can also be customized. Qingdao mini packaging paper cans custom manufacturers can get the diameter from φ22-φ274mm conventional size packaging, in line with all the different customer demand for paper can packaging customization.

In addition, cylindrical paper cans packaging process can also be customized. For example, curly paper cans and laminated paper cans have different manufacturing processes, appearance styles and sealing properties.

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