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date: 2021-12-15

Characteristics and application scope of all-paper tube packaging

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 As a kind of paper packaging, paper tube packaging has sparked the attention of the market in recent years. With the development of paper packaging industry, there are more and more types of paper packaging, and the application scope is becoming more and more common. The following explains the characteristics, features and scope of application of full paper tube packaging.

     All-paper paper tube is a packaging container made of paper. Paper tube packaging is cylindrical in shape and made of multiple layers of paper. It has a strong stiffness. The outer layer of the paper tube is labeled with product labels and packaging patterns in three dimensions for durability and remarkable display effect.

    As opposed to traditional paper packaging, paper tube packaging has good physical properties and can meet the packaging needs of many industries. The entire paper can is mostly paper and has good sealing performance. Therefore, it is used in many industries, such as gifts, electronic products, jewelry, clothing and food inside the bag packaging.

     Under the global green packaging advocacy, the whole paper paper tube as a paper packaging, has been favored by more industries above the market. All-paper tube packaging will also step into a better development.

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