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date: 2021-12-18

Explain the performance characteristics of composite paper cans

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    In recent years, the rapid transformation of the paper can packaging industry, paper can packaging in a variety of forms, a variety of types. Therefore, composite paper can packaging has triggered more and more industry attention. Today, composite paper can packaging has been widely used in food, gifts, cosmetics, daily chemical products and many other fields.

    With the widespread use of paper can packaging in various packaging industries, the advantages of paper can packaging is increasingly prominent, especially composite paper can packaging is favored by the food packaging industry. Many partners do not know much about composite paper cans, so I want to give you an intuitive explanation.

    Composite paper cans are a cylindrical packaging container composed of paper, aluminum foil and other composite materials. The inner wall of the barrel is made of aluminum foil, divided into two types of easy-to-open lid or not easy to tear the lid, so the whole paper can packaging has a good seal.

    As we all know, most food products have packaging sealing requirements. The production of composite paper cans, to overcome the problem of paper packaging sealing less, so as to better meet the sealing requirements of food packaging. At present, the composite paper cans in the food packaging field has attracted much attention.

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