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date: 2021-12-20

The processing technology and characteristics of laminated paper cans

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    Composite paper cans are different from ordinary paper cans in structure and processing technology. It has the requirements of sealing, heat insulation and moisture resistance that ordinary paper does not have. It is a processing method consisting of paper and aluminum foil. Laminated paper can have more advantages and more common uses.

    The processing of laminated paper cans usually starts with several layers of glue to firmly bond the paper material, then the bonded paper material is wound into a 'spiral wound paper tube' with a beautiful label on the outer layer, then the paper tube is divided into the required size, then each section of the container (top and bottom piece), and then the entire processing of the laminated paper tank is completed.

    Packaging advantages of composite paper cans.

1, composite paper cans of raw materials for paper, health care and environmental protection, will not pollute the environment. Complex structure of composite paper cans, can meet the requirements of people's personalized structure design. Integration of diversified printing processes, packaging can reach exquisite visual effects and good display effect.

2, with the transformation, paper can manufacturers continue to improve the manufacturing process, the appearance of paper can packaging, cut, flatness and segmentation process more detailed, labeling technology has also improved than in the past.

    These are the processing methods and advantages of composite paper cans. Composite paper cans modeling structure is diverse, the outer layer can be color printing, the effect is very good. If you want to know the process characteristics of composite paper cans in more detail, welcome to call 18560670862 to consult it!

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