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date: 2021-12-30

Custom-made cylindrical paper cans are suitable for which industries

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As a kind of paper packaging, cylindrical paper cans have gained wide application above the market. With the global packaging to paper instead of plastic development boom, many industries are now starting to rise in custom cylinder paper can packaging to meet their own product packaging needs. So, what industries are custom cans used in?

At present, there are many industries above the market application cylinder paper can packaging, such as food, gifts, electronic products, daily chemical products, clothing and jewelry, of which the cylinder paper can packaging in the field of food packaging is more widely used. In recent years, with the development of the paper can packaging industry, there are more and more types of cylindrical paper cans. For different industries and products, the demand for paper can packaging is different, so the type of paper cans used is also different. Currently, full paper cans are widely used in industries such as gifts, electronic products, and daily chemical products, while composite paper cans are mainly used in the food packaging industry. The specific situation is related to the characteristics of product attributes

In recent years, with the fierce competition in the market, the packaging form is changing in order to meet the market demand. The occurrence of round paper can packaging has enhanced the development of the packaging industry, in line with the global trend of green packaging.

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