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date: 2022-01-11

The key factors affecting the price of paper can packaging

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Recently, many customers have left a message: Why is there a small price difference between paper cans of similar size and process? In fact, this question is also a question in the minds of many customers. To answer your question, Mini Packaging will introduce several factors that affect the price of paper can packaging in detail.

Cylindrical paper can packaging, as a paper packaging, looks like an intuitive cylindrical structure, but the production process is quite complex and has a variety of structures. For cardboard cylindrical packaging, it is not as intuitive as it seems. It is no exaggeration to say that the cardboard cylindrical packaging is a very rich connotation of the packaging.

1, paper can packaging raw materials

Raw material is one of the factors affecting the price of paper can packaging. As we all know, the paper can packaging is mainly made of paper. There are many kinds of paper can be used as packaging paper, including white cardboard, gold cardboard, white paper, kraft paper, coated paper, etc.. The market price of each type of paper varies, that is, the price of paper can packaging will vary according to the different types of paper used.

2, cardboard cylindrical packaging wall thickness, the so-called cardboard cylindrical packaging wall thickness is the paper thickness of the cardboard cylindrical box. Contact with the paper can packaging friends know that the surface of the cardboard cylindrical packaging is exactly the same. When we squeeze the cardboard cylindrical packaging with both hands, some paper can packaging will be seriously deformed, while some paper tube packaging is not obvious. The reason for this difference is due to the different thickness of the paper wall of cardboard cylindrical packaging.

3, the process of paper can packaging

The production process of paper tube packaging is also one of the factors affecting the price of paper tube packaging. The more complex the production process, the more cumbersome the corresponding process, the production costs are relatively increased.

Of course, the factors affecting the price of paper can packaging is not limited to these. Paper can packaging prices are also affected by factors such as size, logistics, and logo printing technology. Therefore, the price is not the main thing when it comes to custom paper can packaging. It depends specifically on the paper can packaging.

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