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date: 2022-01-13

What can paper tubes be used for?

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    In recent years, with the mature development ofpaper tube technology, the packaging structure of paper tube is becoming more and more diversified, and its function is becoming more and more humanized. It can meet the packaging needs of different industries, attracting the attention of consumers and showing a more perfect role and marketing effect.

     First of all, paper tubescan be used to package food. They can be solid or liquid. Food paper tubes are limited to most foods. Currently, there are many food products packaged in paper tubes above the market. Commonly used are candy, dried fruits, potato chips, purple cabbage, cookies, coffee, chicken trespass, salt, sugar, rice, milk, drinks, wine, etc. Paper tube as food packaging, with paper as raw material, not only green, but also has a good sealing performance, in line with the food industry's sealing requirements for packaging to ensure food safety.

    Paper tubes can also be used as packaging for cosmetics. For example, daily skin care products, lipstick, perfume, clothing, etc. can be packed inside a paper canister. Among the cosmetic industry, the application of cylindrical paper tube packaging refreshes the traditional square and rectangular carton packaging forms, enhances the grade of cosmetics with lower appearance, absorbs consumers' attention and obtains better marketing results.

    In addition, the paper can also be used as a variety of gift packaging, electronic products and children's toys. The structure of paper tube packaging is complex. It incorporates specific processes such as hot stamping, UV, spot color and can beating to build diverse packaging. Therefore, there are many creative packaging above the market, most of which are paper tube packaging, which greatly enhance the product image and increase the competitiveness of the product.

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