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date: 2022-01-20

What products are suitable for packaging with laminated paper tubes?

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     Paper tube as a paper packaging form of cylinder is now familiar to people. In recent years, with the development of the paper tube packaging industry, there are more and more types of paper tubes, and the range of applications is growing. As a subdivision of paper tube packaging, which products are suitable for laminated paper tubes? Let's get to know.

What products are suitable for packaging with laminated paper tubes?

    First of all, composite paper tube is made of paper, aluminum foil, metal and other composite materials, so it is also called composite paper tube. Composite paper tube is a representative of the paper tube packaging industry, especially its excellent sealing properties, for a number of industries to obtain packaging solutions, has won the general recognition of the market.

    Secondly, composite paper tube packaging is widely used in many fields such as casual food, pet food, health care products, spices, daily chemical products. It is more widely used in product categories such as nuts, potato chips, candy, seaweed, powdered food (such as protein powder, lotus root powder, milk powder, rice flour), salt, chicken trespass, etc. According to the different ways of opening, the laminated paper cans can be divided into metal easy-open lids, aluminum foil easy-open lids and transparent easy-open lids. The common feature of the three different forms of lids is that they are very easy to open, which meets the purchasing needs of consumers and gives users a better shopping experience.

What products are suitable for packaging with laminated paper tubes?

      Compared with other forms of paper tube packaging, composite paper tube has a better sealing performance, can be used directly to hold food, in line with the majority of food packaging sealing requirements. Composite paper tube in a certain degree to overcome the problem of paper packaging sealing less, to enhance the rapid development of the paper packaging industry.

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