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date: 2022-02-15

What are the materials of common round tube packaging boxes?

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      With the continuous development and growth of the paper tube packaging industry, the form of packaging in various industries is also increasing as a way to meet the needs of this rapid development. What are the materials of such a valued cylinder paper tube? The following let mini-editor for you to elaborate.

     First of all, the cylinder paper tube is a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, and the traditional form of packaging is very different. Cylinder paper tube with paper as the main raw material, more in line with the development of the concept of green environmental protection. Cylinder paper tube packaging according to different production processes, can achieve different functional properties of packaging, to meet the customization of different industries on the paper tube packaging needs. Among them, the very representative is to achieve excellent sealing.

      The sealing of the cylinder paper tube packaging box is favored by many industries, especially the food industry, which has strict requirements for the sealing of packaging, and meets the sealing needs of most food products for paper packaging. Nowadays, the cylinder paper tube packaging box has been widely used in food, daily necessities, gifts, electronic products and many other industry fields.

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