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date: 2022-02-18

What do you know about the advantages of cylindrical paper tube packaging?

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      In recent years, the packaging field of various industries have undergone great changes, the most obvious is the form of paper tube packaging. Currently the cylinder paper tubepackaging has been rapidly occupying the market. Which of its advantages form this situation?

       Cylinder paper tube is a kind of packaging container with paper as the main raw material, in line with the form of green development around the world. In the midst of the worldwide transformation trend of paper instead of plastic, the cylinder paper tube has triggered the attention of various industries.

     Cylinder paper tube is a kind of paper packaging, due to its complex structure process, so that it is applied in a wide range of ways, can meet the packaging needs of many industries for paper tubes. At present, the cylinder paper tube packaging is widely used in food, gifts, daily commodities, electronic products and other industries, especially the food packaging industry, by the food industry's attention.

    Cylinder paper tube packaging is a cylindrical form, the outer label can be designed and printed in many forms of display to attract the eyes of customers, and more good display of the uniqueness of the goods.

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