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date: 2022-03-02

What kind of packaging is full paper rolled edge paper tube packaging?

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    Many people are familiar with paper tube packaging, but if you ask the process of paper tube packaging, many people are still relatively unfamiliar. Only know that the paper tube is there in the middle, all paper. That is actually a process in the paper tube. Called full paper rolled edge paper tube. Let us briefly explain it below.

    All paper roll edge paper tube packaging, which is made entirely of paper, in line with the concept of global green packaging development. Rolled edge here refers to the paper cans on the top and bottom using the rolled edge process, looks very stylish, beautiful.

    The combination of diversified printing and post-printing processes of rolled-edge paper tubes can create more creative packaging solutions. Because the all-paper rolled-edge paper tube is composed entirely of paper, it is well sealed and therefore suitable for gifts, electronics, apparel and food packaging with inner pockets.

    All-paper rolled-edge paper tubes meet the global packaging development trend of paper instead of plastic, but also the development trend of the packaging industry, will usher in better development.

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