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date: 2022-03-03

Which aspects should people pay attention to when customizing the round paper tube?

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    Speaking of cylinder paper tube believe that we are not unfamiliar, with the advantages of paper tube packaging increasingly prominent, cylinder paper tube has been widely recognized by users. Different industries in the custom cylinder paper tube packaging, what are the main aspects to consider? Let's take a look below!

    First of all, Qingdao mini-packaging manufacturers are providing customization services for cylinder paper tubes, in order to meet the customization requirements of different customers for packaging. Cylinder paper tube packaging in the time of customization, we need to know what products they are used to fill, followed by the need to know the size of the size of hey, whether there are special requirements for the material.

      Further is the customization of the production process of paper tubes. For example, you want all-paper or plastic lids, or special requirements for printing, etc.. All can put forward their own needs. If your product has special characteristics, be sure to give the manufacturer to explain, so that the manufacturer will give you the characteristics of your product to recommend suitable products.

      The above is the matters of note when customizing the cylinder paper tube, of course, more than these, if you have custom needs, welcome to call the phone 18560670862 for detailed consultation

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