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date: 2019-07-10

Sino-Pack2019 helps packaging companies keep up with the trend of smart and green development

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On March 4, 2019, the 26th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack 2019) was held in Guangzhou, China. China Food Machinery Equipment Network came to the exhibition as the exhibition cooperation network media, and invited the general manager of the exhibition organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. - Ms. Du Jingwei to accept our interview.

According to the data, the total area of Sino-Pack 2019 is over 100,000 square meters, bringing together 1300+ exhibitors from 22 different countries and regions. The “smart, green, innovative” packaging materials and packaging technology were displayed at the Sino-Pack exhibition, attracting industry insiders to visit and inspect. During the interview, General Manager Du Jingwei said that the scale of the Sino-Pack exhibition is constantly expanding, and at the same time, it is actively innovating and advancing with the times. Every year, new content and new elements will be added according to the needs of exhibitors, so that they will have value and effect every time they come.

Packaging and transmitting information Intelligent, environmentally friendly and hot

Packaging is one of the key points to attract consumers to buy. It is reported that a certain brand has achieved a 5% increase in business revenue by simply replacing the beverage packaging design. It must be said that good packaging design helps to enhance the market competitiveness of the product.

In this regard, Du Jingyi, general manager said that nowadays packaging is not only to protect products, but also to convey a lot of information, is one of the ways for enterprises to shape brand image, promote brand culture, display brand personality, and also the trend of packaging industry.

In addition to the trend of “brand promotion”, the packaging industry has two major trends of intelligence and environmental protection. In recent years, smart and environmental protection are hot topics, and the organizers of Sino-Pack are also very concerned about this. “Green, smart” has been the theme of several exhibitions. The “Automated Intelligent Packaging” zone invites world-renowned robots to showcase high-yield and low-consumption intelligent automation technology hotspots, “Packaging Products and Materials” exhibition area, and showcase innovative green packaging and materials. Enterprises achieve the goal of intelligent production and environmental protection through packaging.

General Manager Du Jingwei introduced that everyone's awareness of environmental protection and strict environmental regulations have prompted enterprises to produce green. For example, if a company is an environmental pioneer, he will pay special attention to whether the packaging materials are environmentally friendly and whether they are over-packaged. In addition, with the development of e-commerce, environmentally-friendly logistics packaging is getting more and more hot, and this year's show also showed this.

According to China Food Machinery Equipment Network, Sino-Pack 2019 also launched the [Food & Beverage + Takeaway Packaging] zone, focusing on environmentally friendly dining utensils, green shopping bags, and raw and auxiliary materials to provide solutions for hotels, takeaways, and fast food industries.

For the intelligent trend of the packaging industry, Du Jingyi, the general manager also has his own interpretation. She said that different products require different packaging equipment, but they have one thing in common, that is, intelligence. Machine generation is one of the trends in the development of science and technology today. There are many kinds of automation equipment appearing on the market. There is a automation of one production process and the whole production line automation. Enterprises can choose equipment suitable for their own products according to their needs.

Different from previous exhibitions, this year's Sino-Pack automation supplier has many domestic companies in addition to the familiar international brands. 'The quality of domestic new enterprises is constantly improving. Many buyers are interested in them and can really solve their pain points. It is very good.' Du Jingyu, general manager introduced. It can be seen that in recent years, the state has supported the encouragement of smart manufacturing, creating an enabling environment for the intelligent development of the packaging industry and promoting the development of relevant enterprises in China.

Adsale keeps pace with the times, pay attention to the needs of the packaging industry market

China Food Machinery Equipment Network understands that Sino-Pack's influence in the packaging industry is inseparable from the organizer's careful planning. Adsat itself focuses on innovation, keeps pace with the times, and often injects new technologies, new ideas, and new ideas into the platform. General Manager Du Jingwei revealed that before the exhibition, Adsale would visit many different suppliers and buyers to listen to their current needs and their future prospects. After in-depth understanding, Adsale uses its own resources to develop different channels of cooperation, putting the resources required by suppliers and buyers on the same platform.

This year, Adsale put the content of CMF on the forum. CMF is color, material, and finish. General Manager Du Jingwei said, “In the past, materials were mainly used in industrial design, but now it is entering the packaging industry more and more, so Astra has made a special piece to cooperate with this.”

The development of the Internet economy has stimulated the rise of the e-commerce industry, and the purchasing power of the consumer network has been continuously improved, bringing huge packaging demand. Adsale keeps pace with the times and pays attention to the subtle relationship between e-commerce and packaging. At the exhibition, it set up a logistics and e-commerce packaging area. General Manager Du Jingwei also mentioned that the current logistics industry is increasingly demanding the following two points: First, logistics packaging should reflect brand value; second, it must be green.

Attentive viewers can also see the RFID zone at this year's show. 'To do logistics requires a traceable element in it, so this year we have this area in the label area.' Du said. At the same time, the packaging exhibition has special areas such as labels and printing. The exhibition specially put them together to form a vertical linkage. It can be seen that in the preparation of the exhibition, Adsale not only keeps pace with the times, but also considers what users think, and considers thoughtful and interlocking, striving to bring the ideal exhibiting effect to exhibitors and visitors. We also look forward to the 2020, Sino-Pack to a higher level, bringing you more highlights and value.

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