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date: 2019-07-07

Garbage classification and credit link. Are you optimistic about this cross-border "marriage"?

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Introduction: The topic of waste sorting in Shanghai has been hot for more than a month. In addition to the strict fine system, “credit penalties” have been added. Hangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen, and other places have also adopted this penalty clause in the waste management regulations. . Can garbage sorting and credit hooking make the garbage sorting effect exceed expectations? Let's take a look at their views.

'Hello, I want to have a credit card'

'I need to look at your credit report here.'

'I want to borrow money and buy a house.'

'How is your credit?'


In an era when the Internet is becoming more developed and life is becoming more and more intelligent, the credit report has become another 'identity card', 'passport' and even 'employment card' for each of us. It not only affects buying a house, but also buying a car. It will also affect job hunting, overseas visas and residence permit points.

No one can think of it. One day, the garbage classification and credit files will be 'married' and become a family. At the end of June, Hangzhou revised the 'Regulations on the Management of Domestic Wastes' and added 'credit penalties', stipulating that 'violation of administrative penalties in violation of the provisions of these Regulations shall be regarded as bad information in accordance with the 'Regulations on the Administration of Public Credit Information of Zhejiang Province' and other relevant provisions. Enter the credit file of the relevant individual or unit.'

In addition to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Hefei, Xiamen and Fujian have also joined the 'group unity' team. The classification of garbage is linked to personal credit information. As a result of the regulations, although many people have received support, many people still have doubts about this.

The pros who say this

The classification of garbage cannot be pushed forward. 'The concept is agreed, and the action is lagging behind' is the main reason. The beautiful environment depends on everyone's efforts. Any unit or individual has the responsibility and obligation to distribute domestic garbage according to the regulations. However, from the perspective of long-term implementation, there are always some “stirring sticks” that do not fulfill this obligation. People must be more embarrassed, not only to adopt the 'propaganda + encouragement' model, but also to supplement the necessary 'compulsory + punishment' means. Linking waste classification to credit is an incentive to do well, and it is a punishment for not classifying it as required. When the garbage classification and credit linkage, it will indirectly affect personal employment, education and credit. The cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary nature will force each resident and unit to develop a good habit of garbage classification. Accelerate the process of achieving waste sorting across the country.

The opponents say so

At present, the Shanghai Domestic Waste Classification and Punishment Regulations implemented in early July, the individual does not classify a maximum fine of 500 yuan. If the unit does not classify according to the requirements, it will face a fine of up to 50,000 yuan, which is considered to be the strictest garbage classification regulation. In addition, the land waste classification has gradually moved toward the charging era. Penalties, but it is another matter to allow individuals or units to actively participate in garbage sorting. This is the key to promoting waste sorting.

As an embodiment of the awareness of eco-environmental awareness, if the waste classification is to be truly landed, it is necessary to turn this concept into public awareness. In the meantime, if it is only linked by credit, it is only a kind of representation in the era of “mandatory classification” of domestic garbage. To achieve a long-term and effective supervision mechanism, we must not only have an accurate and detailed accountability system, but also a green vision of “make me do” to “I want to do”.

Xiaobian has something to say

The classification of waste is long-term and complex. Shanghai has used nearly 20 years of hard work to usher in the initial stage of the implementation of domestic waste classification, and some developed countries such as Japan and Germany have been implementing it for decades. Garbage classification, Sweden spent a generation of time in cultivating national waste classification awareness. The “seemingly simple” garbage classification wants to be implemented nationwide completely. It is difficult to maintain the awareness of garbage classification among residents or units for a long time without any “smuggling”. The time has been relaxed and the previous efforts will be destroyed. .

The industry believes that a strict punishment system is necessary, but can not blindly focus on punishment, but also to deal with the relationship between reward and punishment, for a good performance, long-term residents or units to carry out a certain degree of credit points rewards, establish A scientific, concrete and feasible reward and punishment system and a big data system that can be traced back to ensure the long-term effective effect of garbage sorting.

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