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date: 2019-07-12

Must understand the catering packaging cartons!

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Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding the quality of life and have a new perspective on catering packaging. Today, let's take a look at the catering boxes that we must understand!


The performance requirements of the carton are: regenerability, space availability, weight, etc. In addition, the carton has a feature that it is easy to block various barrier properties such as light blocking and oxygen barrier by the study of the layered structure of the carton. achieve.

First, regenerative:

As a typical carton, there is a milk carton with a roof box structure, a refreshing beverage carton, and the like. Its structure is divided into three layers of polyethylene / cardboard / polyethylene. The paper jam used is selected from 250 g/m 2 to 400 g/m 2 depending on the size, shape and contents of the carton.

The cardboard used for these milk packages is made by extrusion molding of polyethylene on the front and back sides of the cardboard by an extruder. Since paper and polyethylene are relatively easily peeled off or separated in an alkali solution, regeneration of paper components is easily achieved. The recycling of milk packaging can be realized. In addition to the above-mentioned factors that the paper component is easy to regenerate, there is also a reason that only the original pulp is used to produce the paperboard jam.


Second, various barrier properties:

Oxygen, water vapor, and light are the causes of deterioration in the contents of the package. One of the methods to add the relevant barrier properties to the carton is to compound it with aluminum foil. According to this method, the carton can be provided with a function of blocking oxygen, water vapor and light. The aluminum foil composite carton has a long-term preservation of the contents.

Third, the paper edge protection structure:

Printing is performed on the surface of the paper jam for the carton which is formed by lamination of the extruder by a printing method suitable for the customer's needs. The main printing methods include gravure and offset printing, gravure printing in large quantities, and offset printing in small batches, but sometimes the printing method is selected to meet the design requirements. The printed cardboard is die-cut into the desired unfolded shape, and then passed through a flame sealing device, and the gas flame is used to melt the polyethylene on the paper edge portion of the front and back sides of the jam, and the edges of the front and back of the jam are jammed. They are bonded to each other to form a carton.

For contents having high permeability to paper such as coffee, black tea, green tea, etc., when the edge portion of the carton comes into contact with a beverage or the like, the strength of the carton deteriorates due to the penetration of the contents liquid, resulting in leakage. Even damaged. Therefore, the paper edge is prevented from coming into contact with the contents liquid by sticking the paper tape or folding the paper. By such a method, the structure for increasing the barrier property mentioned above is ensured, and the carton beverage can be circulated at a normal temperature and stored for a long period of time.

Fourth, environmental protection:

The use of aluminum foil provides a possibility for long-term storage of the carton beverage, but it may cause difficulty in regeneration of the base paper, and may cause an accident in which the aluminum foil in the incinerated paper container damages the incinerator. By using barrier materials that replace aluminum foil, comprehensive requirements that are both environmentally friendly and long-term can be achieved. Typical alternatives are barrier materials such as EVO (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) and silicon vacuum coating.


Fifth, barrier properties:

For paper containers, the important thing is to keep the contents fresh and fresh. The apple juice absorbs the odor around it, causing changes in its taste. For such contents, the container is required to have a function of blocking external odor, and if the above-mentioned barrier material is used, the external blocking can be successfully achieved.

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