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date: 2019-06-26

Jiangsu's investment of 15 million yuan cardboard and cardboard box expansion project started

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Lead: Recently, Jiangsu Zidong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Kunshan Yida Packaging Co., Ltd. to complete the expansion of Kunshan Yida Packaging Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 13,000 tons (65 million m2) of corrugated cardboard and 200,000 pieces of carton printing (48 million m2). ) Environmental impact assessment of the project.

Kunshan Yida: Investing 15 million yuan to expand the cardboard carton project

In order to meet market demand, Kunshan Yida plans to add some equipment to the existing production workshop to expand the annual output of 13,000 tons (65 million m2) of corrugated cardboard and 200,000 pieces (48 million m2) of carton printing.

Basic situation of the project

1 Project name: Annual production of corrugated cardboard 13000t (65 million m2), carton printing 200,000 pieces (48 million m2) project;

2 Construction unit: Kunshan Yida Packing Co., Ltd.;

3 Construction site: The existing workshop of “Kunshan Yida”, No. 1420, Honghu Road, Penglang, Kunshan Development Zone;

4 nature of the project: expansion;

5 Project investment: The total investment is 15 million yuan, of which 1 million yuan is environmental protection investment, accounting for 6.7% of the total investment;

6 Number of employees: 150 new employees, 170 employees after the expansion;

7 working hours: 300 days of work, three shifts, 8 hours per shift, 7200 hours of work per year, of which the printing process runs 900 hours per year.

Kunshan Yida Packing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kunshan Yida”) was established in March 2009, and leased the 1# whole building and 2# idled by Kunshan Sanda Packing Co., Ltd., No. 1420 Honglang Road, Penglang, Development Zone, Kunshan City. Some factories are engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard and carton printing. Kunshan Sanda Packing Co., Ltd. has three standard factory buildings. Kunshan Yida leases 1# whole plant and 2# part of the factory. Kunshan Sanda Packing Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Yida Company are the only ones in Kunshan Sanda Factory. .

The existing “3000t of production and processing paper products, 200m3 of wood products and 100,000 pieces of carton printing” of Kunshan Yida Co., Ltd. was approved by Kunshan Environmental Protection Bureau in May 2009 (Kunhuan Construction [2009] No. 974) In May 2010, it passed the environmental protection acceptance test. According to the market situation, Kunshan Yida cancelled the production line of 200mm3 of wood products per year and promised not to build.

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