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date: 2019-07-12

The second beautiful China, I am the launcher of the public welfare campaign

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On May 31st, the second beautiful China, I was the actor - the 'Environmental Protection at the Fingertips' publicity campaign was launched in Beijing. Through the participation of online and offline seminars, the event encourages the public to start small things from the side, and participates in environmental protection work in an orderly manner by taking pictures of beautiful Chinese photos and reporting environmental violations. power.

It is reported that since the launch of the first “Environmental Protection on the Fingertips” in May last year, more than 180,000 pictures of netizens have been collected, including 35,590 blue sky, 10,232 rivers, 16,007 flowers and flowers, and 13,872 characters. Beijing and Guangzhou The participation of Internet users in Chengdu, Jinan and other cities is relatively high. In addition, netizens also conducted pollution reports through social media, and promoted more than 800 companies to make rectification instructions on environmental violations. This year, the public can continue to use the Azure Map APP to expose beautiful Chinese photos, and encourage the public to report and complain about illegal sewage through the “12369 Environmental Report” WeChat and “Urban Water Environment Public Participation” WeChat platforms. Ecological environment supervision work.


第二届美丽中国 我是行动者“指尖上的环保”公益宣传活动启动

At the kick-off meeting, the Public Environmental Research Center developed and published a map of the city's water quality index based on the water environment information published by the Ministry of Education at the provincial, municipal, and county levels. The public can query the water quality index of 337 prefecture-level cities through mobile phones. The satellite environment application center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the China Environmental Protection Federation, the Shandong Environmental Protection Foundation, the Beijing Public Environmental Research Center, the Green Jiangnan Public Environmental Concern Center and other relevant units and organizations have exchanged views on relevant issues. The participating experts also launched a “one-off” campaign on social media to encourage the public to eat at the restaurant to reduce the number of cloths, and practice the green lifestyle with practical actions.

The event was hosted by the China Environmental Journalists Association, co-organized by the Public Environmental Research Center and the National Environmental New Media Alliance.

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