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date: 2019-07-01

The "green" documentary makes the world feel the charm of China

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“How big is the giant panda living in the high altitude?” “Which bamboo do they like to eat?” After watching the short film of the Chinese documentary “Panda Kingdom”, French audience Marcel eagerly asked the main creative staff. He said: 'I like giant pandas, but I have never seen a documentary about the life of giant pandas in detail.' At the 30th French International Sunshine Documentary Festival held here, a batch of new green documentaries from China was screened through the exhibition. And special promotion, showing unique Chinese charm in the international market. (June 28 Xinhua News Agency)

In recent years, domestic documentaries have produced a large number of excellent works that combine ideological, artistic and ornamental features. Various types of documentaries are brilliant and fruitful. For example, the Chinese documentary film that appeared at this year's Sunshine Documentary Festival not only has Chinese cultural elements familiar to the audiences such as Panda, Shaolin Kungfu, and food. The documentaries such as 'China's Moon Exploration', 'Repairing Life' and 'Space Dreamer' have also gone abroad. Let the world perceive the artistic charm from China.

The essential feature of the documentary is the reality, leaving the real life, the documentary will become a passive water, no roots. The documentary 'Panda Kingdom', which reflects the real life of giant pandas, not only shows the unique charm of giant pandas, but also attracts foreign audiences' interest in Chinese culture. In recent years, the works of realistic themes have become the highlights of excellent domestic documentaries. These are the green documentaries of China's natural and ecological innovations, which record and display the profound changes in China's economic society from multiple perspectives and perspectives. While objectively and truly understanding China, it demonstrates the confidence and contemporary value of Chinese culture.

At present, the development of documentary films is characterized by diversity and diversity. The key to making a domestic documentary to go out is to tell the Chinese story well. Especially in the era of Internet +, as people's desire for knowledge and ability to accept new things gradually increase, the demand for documentaries will inevitably be more detailed, more specific and deeper. Under such circumstances, those green documentaries reflecting China's economic and social development, scientific innovation achievements, green ecological civilization, recording people and animals, and people and nature in harmony have become the new darling of the market, and are more popular and favored by audiences all over the world.

Obviously, in order to achieve rapid development, the documentary must not only play its Internet thinking and technical advantages, but also adhere to the essential characteristics of its authenticity. It must also adopt different artistic expressions and promotion models to enhance the quality of documentaries. Many Chinese elements show green ecological civilization. Only in this way can the world truly perceive Chinese charm. (Wang Chuanhe)

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