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date: 2019-06-12

Clariant brings customized brand healthcare packaging solutions and compliance productivity

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Clariant's packaging solutions portfolio enhances the integrity and protection of healthcare products. Innovative design and compliance help the industry meet new regulatory standards and showcase HAT® SNAP, HAT at the 2019 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Show Featured products such as ® IN, EQiusTM and custom brand desiccants

Clariant will participate in this year's World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPhI) to showcase its full range of medical health industry packaging solutions. The three-day exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 18th to 20th, 2019. During this time, Clariant will focus on attracting audiences who want to learn about custom packaging solutions to help them take advantage of the capabilities and technologies of companies like Clariant to further their growth in the fast-growing Chinese healthcare market.

China's pharmaceutical industry is currently in the stage of industrial upgrading. The Drug Evaluation Center of the State Drug Administration recently issued an audit policy related to the original drug, medicinal excipients and drug packaging materials, and the local authorities also began a collective bidding for drug procurement. Clariant's innovative products, its global presence and extensive industry experience help local customers achieve a smooth and rapid transition in strict compliance with new regulatory standards.

Matthias Brommer, global president of Clariant's specialty medical business chain, said: 'At this year's CPhI, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about our active and passive packaging technologies and our capabilities in custom solutions. For example, our brand of desiccant series developed for probiotics and nutraceuticals. In addition, our global experience and high compliance standards, including ISO 15378 certification of two Chinese factories under Jiangsu Shide Nanhua Functional Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Will play a very large role in helping our Chinese customers advance their business in a changing industry environment.'

HAT® SNAP and HAT® IN bottles support the diagnostic market

In diagnostic testing, the accuracy of the test strip is critical to ensure proper treatment of the patient. Clariant's HAT® product line provides proper moisture protection and is critical to maintaining the shelf life and accuracy of moisture sensitive products such as diagnostic test strips.

The HAT® SNAP solution features easy-to-open and tamper-evident features combined with custom silicone, molecular sieve or a combination of desiccants to help protect the vitality of the drug. The HAT® IN solution, combined with Clariant's advanced desiccant polymer (ADP®) built-in technology, increases the internal volume of the bottle and minimizes desiccant exposure during product filling.

EQiusTM bags and cans meet customer requirements for constant humidity

Clariant's products during the CPhI will also include EQ-PAK bags and EQ-CAN cans. These two specially designed adsorbents act as both a humectant (desorbent) and a desiccant (sorbent) to maintain a specific equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) inside the product package. These products effectively store certain drugs that require constant humidity.

Brand desiccant solutions ensure the reliability of nutraceuticals

In addition to oxygen, moisture is also a major cause of degradation of probiotics and other nutraceuticals. Clariant offers a wide range of branded desiccant solutions, such as the new desiccant pouch with the “Swisse” logo, which can be placed in the product packaging during filling to maintain probiotic and dietary supplement activity. Composition stability and shelf life.

Interested visitors can visit the Clariant booth at N5D30, Hall N5, Shanghai New International Expo Centre during the CPhI event to learn more about Clariant's innovative and customized solutions for the medical packaging industry.

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