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date: 2019-06-21

Three ministries jointly recruited technical experts from the National Eco-industrial Demonstration

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Li Jun, reporter of China Environmental News, reported that in order to further strengthen the management and technical support of the national eco-industrial demonstration park, and to give full play to the consultation and technical support role of experts in the management of eco-industrial parks, the Ministry of Eco-Environment, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology recently issued a joint notice. To collect national experts in the technical advisory expert bank of the National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park.

The National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park is an important form of practice for the construction of ecological civilization in the industrial park area jointly promoted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology. According to the circular economy, eco-industry and clean production concept, the industrial symbiosis system with the main features of resource and energy efficient utilization, waste recycling and pollutant emission reduction is constructed to achieve significant economic benefits with less resource consumption and environmental load. Up to now, 93 industrial parks in 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) have carried out the creation of national eco-industrial demonstration parks, of which 51 have been officially named.

In order to meet the technical support needs of the national eco-industrial demonstration park construction planning demonstration, technical verification, acceptance, technical review and other related work, the three ministries and commissions jointly collected ecological industry, pollution prevention, environmental economics, environmental management, natural ecology and environmental science. National well-known scholars and experts in related fields such as environmental engineering, and set up a national eco-industrial demonstration park expert library.

The specific responsibilities of the warehousing experts include: providing independent, authentic and reliable advice or technical support for the construction, demonstration, technical verification, acceptance and technical review of the National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park, and responsible for the opinions issued or issued. Participate in the national eco-industrial demonstration park management training and publicity work and related academic exchanges and cooperation; complete other tasks entrusted by the leading group office.

Source: China Environmental News

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