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date: 2019-06-15

Ecological environment monitoring "double random" supervision and spot checks will be carried out

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China Environmental News


'Notice of the State Food and Drug Administration of the State Administration of the Environment on the Supervision and Inspection of the 2019 Inspection and Testing Organizations' was recently issued. In response to relevant key regulatory areas, the General Administration of Market Supervision, in conjunction with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Food and Drug Administration, conducted joint “double random” supervision and spot checks.

According to the Notice, the overall proportion of “double random” random inspections of national-level qualification inspection and testing institutions in 2019 is 8%. Among them, the proportion of ecological environment monitoring is 50%. In the “double random” random inspection of provincial-level qualification inspection and testing institutions, key inspections should be carried out in areas with high social concerns such as ecological environment monitoring.

Source: China Environmental News
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