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date: 2019-07-04

Hubei Provincial Department of Ecological Environment held the "July 1" commendation meeting

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Hubei Provincial Department of Ecological Environment held the 'July 1' commendation meeting

On June 28th, the Hubei Provincial Department of Eco-Environment held a celebration of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the 'July 1' commendation meeting. Lu Wenyan, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, all the party members gathered to warm up the party’s oath, and the leaders presented medals and certificates for the “Red Flag Party Branch”, advanced grassroots party organizations, outstanding Communist Party members and outstanding party workers, and the provincial government’s “Red Flag Party Branch” personnel department. Tang Biwu of the branch and Huang Wei of the Party branch of the Atmosphere made speeches respectively. The ninth National 'People Satisfied Civil Servants' Tu Chao talked about the feelings of winning the prizes. He expressed his conviction to be a firm believer in Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The loyal practitioners, 'do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission', take the role of, do the work, do what is worthy of the country, worthy of the people, worthy of the cause of the ecological environment, for the 'people's satisfaction' this noble and sacred honor Add luster.

Lu Wenyan expressed warm congratulations to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who were commended. She pointed out that it is necessary to remember history, further strengthen the conviction of the party, and regard the eternal conviction of always taking the party as a member of the Communist Party as the firm will of all Chinese people and as a historical choice for the Chinese nation to move toward glory. From the perspective of ecological environment work, we must embody the party’s eternal follow-up in the resolute implementation of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee’s policy of environmental protection and the guiding spirit of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on environmental protection work, focusing on gathering and winning. The battle against pollution has been a tough battle for the province to fully realize the short-term ecological environment and to meet the needs of the people for a better ecological environment.

Lv Wenyan demanded that we should sum up the achievements, carry forward the advantages, and further enhance the confidence in doing a good job in the ecological environment. Under the guidance of the party’s correct leadership and major policies, under the efforts of the party organizations at all levels of the province’s ecological environment system and the majority of party members and cadres, The development of eco-environmental work in the province has gone through an extraordinary process and achieved major milestones. The concept of eco-environmental protection has undergone a historic transformation, the ecological environmental protection has been fundamentally strengthened, and the overall effect of eco-environmental protection has been improved. Give full play to the political advantages of the party leading the ecological environment, give full play to the role of the fighting bastion of party organizations at all levels and the vanguard and exemplary role of all party members and cadres, further overcome difficulties, break through the borders, strive to win the final victory of pollution prevention and control, and promote the province's ecology. Civilization construction has reached a new level.

Lu Wenyan emphasized that it is necessary to make overall efforts and move forward together to further promote the leading development of party building in ecological and environmental work, continuously strengthen party building, provide strong political guarantee for the development of ecological environment, further strengthen political construction, and further strengthen ideological construction. Further strengthen the work style construction, further strengthen the construction of a clean government, do a good job in ecological environmental protection, and effectively use the central work as an important yardstick for promoting and examining the effectiveness of the theme education, comprehensively implement the decision-making arrangements of the central and provincial committees, and resolutely fight the battle against pollution. In-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of the spirit of Hubei's important speech, solidly promote the protection of the Yangtze River, effectively grasp the rectification of the central environmental protection inspectors, strive to solve the outstanding environmental problems of the people, learn the heroic model spirit, and strive to build an environmentally friendly iron army, not forgetting At the beginning, remembering the mission, courageously taking responsibility, tackling difficulties, and constantly creating a new situation in the cause of ecological environmental protection, and making new and greater contributions to building a beautiful Hubei.

Source: Hubei

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