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date: 2019-06-18

Li Guobin investigates water pollution prevention and control work in Shiyan City

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Source: Shiyan City Ecological Environment Bureau



From June 12th to 13th, Li Guobin, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, led the relevant personnel to go to Shiyan City to investigate the water pollution prevention and control work in the Shending River and Weihe River. Vice Mayor Wu Hao, Provincial Ecological Environmental Protection Ombudsman and Feng Anlong, Director of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

Li Guobin and his entourage went deep into more than 10 branch ditches in the Shending River and Weihe River Basins, as well as on the site of the Shending River and Weihe River downstream key sewage treatment projects to investigate the prevention and control of water pollution, and implemented a high standard of “pipe network revolution” for the mountainous terrain features. The construction of sewage pipe network and vigorous implementation of sewage, sewage and sewage diversion have been fully affirmed, and the tenth is required to speed up the construction progress of the water pollution prevention and control project, strengthen the supervision and assessment management of each branch ditch, and do a good job in the sewage distribution and dispatching of key sewage treatment projects. We will strive to achieve the stable water quality of the Shending River and the Weihe River as soon as possible, and ensure that a library of clear water will continue to be sent north.

Wu Hao said that since the beginning of this year, Shiyan used the Shending River and the Weihe River to eliminate the inferior V-type water bodies as the core battle for the city's pollution prevention and control battles, highlighting the Shending River “5 Reformation” and the construction of the storage pool and the Weihe River sewage treatment. We will focus on the construction of key control projects such as plant expansion and the work of primary and secondary pipe networks and key branch ditch management. At present, the construction of various projects has been completed or entered the final stage. We will concentrate on the superior strength, complete the follow-up work with high standards, and strengthen In the later stage of supervision and management, we strived to achieve stable compliance with the Weihe River and Shending River at the end of June and the end of September respectively, and completely eliminated the inferior V class.

Feng Anlong said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government have made the Shending River and the Weihe River reach the standard as the primary task of winning the battle against pollution prevention and control this year. They have carried out the 'Nine Major Attacks' and focused on the implementation of the 'Seven Major Projects'. A phased improvement has been achieved. In the next step, we will continue to accelerate the construction of pollution control projects, comprehensively complete ecological restoration, and establish a long-term management and protection mechanism to ensure that the water quality of the Shending River and Weihe national assessment sections will reach the standard as soon as possible.

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