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date: 2019-06-13

The Yangtze River Economic and Ecological Research Group came to Tianmen City for investigation

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Source: Tianmen City Ecological Environment Bureau 

On the morning of June 5, the investigation team of the Yangtze River Economic Belt with a prominent ecological environment led by Xiong Qiquan, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, came to Tianmen City to investigate the water environment rectification of the Tianmen River. Tianmen Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Mayor Zhuang Guangming, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor Lei Hua accompanied the investigation.

Xiong Qiquan and his entourage went to Yanqiao River, Yiwu Bridge, Xingxing Bridge and Jingxi Road. They saw the dredging renovation, the construction of sewage pumping station, the effect of Tianmen River treatment, the urban sewage pipe network and the reconstruction of the community, and the work obtained. Results and practices.

After warning the ecological environment of the Tianmen River in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Tianmen City firmly implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on ecological environmental protection, earnestly fulfilled the responsibility of environmental protection, and took the initiative to make unprecedented determination and strength. We will carry out rectification of problems in a solid manner and promote the implementation of various tasks with practical results. Specific measures include: implementation of the interception project 'blocking'. Implement the sewage interception project of Tianmen River City section, block the direct discharge of domestic sewage in the city, implement trench cleaning and solid waste cleaning along the Qiqiao River, thoroughly improve the river water quality; promote the extension project of township sewage pipe network, and build the township township along the Tianmen River The interception pipeline network is 5.5 kilometers and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Clean up the drainage pipe network. On the basis of the completion of the whole city's rainwater pipelines, this year, the key water accumulation points will be dredged again and the rainwater wells will be increased and rebuilt, totaling 5,422 meters and 190; the daily improvement of sewage pipe network will be strengthened, and 7 roads and 17,000 will be completed. The dredge of the sewage pipe. Implement a “reform” of rain and sewage diversion. Since 2016, the city has built a total of 85 kilometers of urban sewage pipelines; Enhanced processing capacity 'built.' Implement the gold sewage treatment plant to expand the standard and the Yuekoutan Lake sewage treatment plant to raise the standard project, strengthen the township sewage treatment plant and pipe network construction. Strengthen the management of 'pipes' along the way. Increase pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding in Tianmen River Basin, implement the Tianmen River mainstream, tributary water body garbage and harmless treatment of domestic garbage in coastal towns and villages, implement dredging reconstruction and treatment of Tianmen River tributaries and Tianmen River ecological water replenishment project, effectively improve Tianmen Water quality and ecological environment in the lower reaches of the river. Implement the inspection mechanism 'anti-'. Taking the river and lake length system as an important catcher for the fight against clear water, the company issued the No. 3 command of the Municipal Rivers and Lakes and the implementation plan of the “Demonstration Construction Action” for the Bishui Defence War. Recently, 261 cruises and 468 rivers and lakes have been launched. The cleaning staff carried out the river and lake cleaning activities.

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