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date: 2019-07-13

The 2019 “Demolition Action” in the province won the first battle

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 The 2019 “Demolition Action” in the province won the first battle, and the suspected verification was basically completed. 50 points were rectified in place.

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Chen Wei, Correspondent Li Zhijun, Wang Yuanyuan, Intern Tan Wuqiang) Resolutely stop the wind dumping and stacking garbage! On July 11th, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment that the 2019 hit solids were fully launched at the end of April. Since the special action on waste environmental violations (hereinafter referred to as “disposal action”), the province has basically completed the verification of suspected points in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and verified a total of 305 suspected problems, including 89 in the province. There are 1 listed and 2 listed at the ministerial level.

This year, the province has deployed the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in a unified manner. On the basis of the large-scale investigation of solid waste last year, it will conduct solid waste within two kilometers of the main stream of the Yangtze River, tributaries, key lakes and tidal flats, wetlands, ditches, canals and culverts. Focus on the dumping, storage, dumping and landfill sites of hazardous wastes, medical wastes, general industrial solid wastes, domestic wastes and construction wastes, expand to the whole area, continue to carry out solid waste inventory investigation, and find out the illegal storage of solid wastes. Dumping and landfilling points, identify and classify, form a list of problems and rectify, curb the dumping of solid waste, illegal transfer and dumping, and ensure the ecological environment of the Yangtze River.

According to reports, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported in the early stage through satellite imagery and petitions to identify suspected problems, and to conduct on-site verification and rectification. For the 309 suspected points in the province allocated by the ecological environment, the province quickly carried out verification and confirmed the location attributes. These points are distributed in 13 prefecture-level cities along the Yangtze River and three straight-tube cities, of which Wuhan 46 31 in Huangshi, 18 in Shiyan, 28 in Fuyang, 23 in Yichang, 31 in Jingzhou, 11 in Jingmen, 5 in Ezhou, 22 in Xiaogan, 19 in Huanggang, and 17 in Xianning There are 23 in Suizhou, 13 in Enshi, and 22 in the province. As of July 11, the province has verified a total of 305 suspected problems and confirmed 92 problem points. Among them, 89 problems with small stockpiles, difficult disposal and disposal, and on-site disposal have been reviewed and reformed. At present, 50 rectifications have been completed; 3 problem points have been listed for supervision due to large stockpiles. The remaining 4 points will be verified this month.

In the next step, the “demolition action” entered the stage of rectification and implementation. The Provincial Department of Eco-Environment stated that it will strictly follow the requirements of “cleaning, traceability, punishment, and openness”, and address the problem of not completing the task of reviewing and reforming, and urge the responsible unit to complete the rectification task on time, and urge the local authorities to complete the rectification. Increase the frequency of inspections, and eliminate the problems of new or rebounded points that have been rectified. Regarding the problem of listing and supervising, increase the supervision and supervision, and urge the responsible units to come up with scientific and feasible rectification plans in accordance with the time limit requirements. By the end of April 2020, all the assignment problems have been basically rectified.

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