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date: 2019-07-15

Paper prices plummeted by 17%. Waste paper sorting and recycling will help stabilize waste paper pri

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Lead: Waste paper, waste paper boxes can be recycled to the paper mill, as a raw material for papermaking, belonging to the residents of the neighborhood aunt 'what are you garbage' after the torture of the soul. Recycled wrappers can be made from waste paper. So, what is the invisible connection between the “garbage classification” that has recently driven the madness of human beings and the packaging and printing industry?

Packaging and printing as a business label for the industry

Covering nearly 80% of China's top 100 printing companies

China's printing industry has a long history, and there are many internal sub-sectors, which can be divided into publishing, printing, packaging and other printing. Its products are used in all major areas of national economic life.

According to the '2018 China Printing and Packaging Enterprises Top 100 List' (the selection of printing and packaging enterprises with a sales income of more than 200 million yuan in 2017), there are 11 companies that are engaged in the printing of publications alone. There are 64 companies with 10 single companies engaged in other printing.

If the single business and the mixed business are aggregated, the business map of the top 100 enterprises will be examined. There are 23 enterprises involved in the printing of publications, 77 enterprises involved in packaging and printing, and 22 enterprises involved in other printing.

That is to say, packaging printing, as a wild business label, covers almost 80% of the top 100 companies.

纸价暴跌17% 废纸分类回收将有助于稳定废纸价格

The upstream of the packaging and printing industry is mainly paper, ink and additives, equipment manufacturing, downstream of cigarettes, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Packaging printing is printing with various packaging materials as the carrier. The decorative pattern, pattern or text is printed on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative, so as to transmit information and increase sales. effect.

According to the classification of packaging materials, the packaging industry can be divided into paper, metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and other fine molecular industries.

Packaging printing needs to take into account economic and environmental issues, and it is necessary to be able to express the information that needs to be printed in a complete and good manner.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream of the packaging and printing industry is mainly raw materials and equipment manufacturing such as paper, plastics, inks and additives, and the downstream links to cigarettes, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

纸价暴跌17% 废纸分类回收将有助于稳定废纸价格

Medium-sized secondary plant is likely to face the risk of capital chain breakage

The third-tier factory is the most vulnerable, and a large number of orders are easily taken away by the secondary and primary plants.

In the packaging and printing industry, there are first-, second-, and third-level factories. Taking the production process of carton packaging as an example, carton packaging printing must go through the process of making paper and corrugated paperboard and printing into boxes. In particular, printing into boxes can be divided into three processes: prepress, inprint and postpress.

The first-level factory refers to a factory that has a paper production line, a corrugated board production line, and a printed box; a second-level factory refers to a raw paper outsourcing, a corrugated board production line and a printing box factory; the third-level factory is only printed in boxes, cardboard. Purchased factory.

纸价暴跌17% 废纸分类回收将有助于稳定废纸价格


In the case of rising raw material prices, the primary plant has the most raw material price advantage over the conventional packaging secondary and tertiary plants.

Large-scale enterprises in the secondary plant have large bargaining power and are easy to get support from the banking industry due to large orders. The medium-sized enterprises have low demand for raw materials and limited working capital. Generally, they can only be used now, when downstream customers cannot be timely. When paying cash, you run the risk of a broken capital chain.

The third-tier factory is the most vulnerable. When the customer abandons the pursuit of service for cost reduction, a large number of orders are easily taken away by the secondary and primary plants.

2019 corrugated and cardboard paper prices rose first and then fell

In the first half of the year, corrugated paper fell by 17.24% year-on-year, and cardboard paper fell by 14.93% year-on-year.

Since 2019, the domestic market price of corrugated and boxboard paper has shown a trend of rising first.

In January-February 2019, the price of paper fluctuated upwards, mainly because of the rising price of raw waste paper, and the increase in cost supported the paper producers' willingness to raise prices. Secondly, because there were more papers for downtime maintenance during the Spring Festival, the market supply was slightly tight. In addition, it is in the peak season of stocking before and after the Spring Festival, and the market demand is expanding.

After March 2019, with the increase in production capacity and the reduction in downstream demand, paper prices began to show a downward trend.

Statistics show that in the first half of 2019, the average price of corrugated paper in the country was 3,658 yuan / ton, down 13.62% from the previous month and down 17.24% from the same period of last year. The average price of national cardboard paper was 4,043 yuan / ton, down 9.88% from the previous month and down 14.93% from the same period of last year. 

纸价暴跌17% 废纸分类回收将有助于稳定废纸价格


Waste paper sorting and recycling will help stabilize the price of waste paper and reduce the risk of purchasing secondary and tertiary plants.

Help the packaging and printing industry create a healthy operating environment

Waste paper and waste paper boxes can be recycled to the paper mill as raw materials for papermaking. They belong to the aunts of the neighborhood committee, 'What kind of garbage do you use?'

Waste paper is a strategic resource that many countries compete for and is one of the largest sources of fiber raw materials in the paper industry. Waste paper can be used not only to make recycled packaging paper, but also to make recycled newsprint. It needs to go through deinking, purifying paper fibers and sucking away inks and impurities, and then making four steps in papermaking.

It can make full use of raw material resources, reduce production costs and reduce waste emissions. According to production practice, the use of 1 ton of waste paper can replace 4-7 cubic meters of virgin wood.

In recent years, the recycling rate of waste paper in China has been increasing, from 39.40% in 2008 to 48.50% in 2017.

At the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the 'Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Renewable Resources Industry.' The opinion is that by 2020, the domestic waste paper recycling rate should reach 50%.

纸价暴跌17% 废纸分类回收将有助于稳定废纸价格


Waste paper sorting and recycling will help increase the amount of waste paper recycling, improve the recycling efficiency of waste paper, stabilize the price of waste paper in China, and thus reduce the procurement risk of secondary and tertiary packaging printers, enabling enterprises to focus on providing better services. Instead of spending energy on price wars.

The environmental habits of active household waste classification in China are still in the early stage of cultivation. Waste separation can not only contribute to China's environmental protection cause, but also help the packaging and printing industry to create a healthy operating environment.

As a resident, raising the awareness of garbage classification is of great significance, which is closely related to the price of paper in China.

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