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date: 2019-07-15

Zhu Zailong: Leading Jingxing Paper to become a giant in the packaging industry

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Source: Qianjiang Evening News


Lead: As one of the three largest enterprises in the country specializing in the production of kraftliner paper, there is no doubt that Jingxing Paper has become one of the leading enterprises in the papermaking and packaging industry. However, you don't know that the former Jingxing is just a loss-making township enterprise. How does it refine itself into a “giant” in the packaging industry?

Zhu Zailong, male, aged 55, senior economist. He is currently the chairman and party secretary of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd., and concurrently serves as the vice chairman of the China Paper Association, the vice president of the Jiaxing City Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the president of the Pinghu City Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The listed company with an annual output value of 6 billion, the output of paper base paper is 1.5 million tons, the output of finished paper products is 700,000 boxes, and the production capacity of carton and paperboard is 200 million square meters. As the country's three largest professional production of kraftliner paper One of the main enterprises, there is no doubt that Jingxing Paper has become one of the leading companies in the paper and packaging industry.

However, you don't know that the former Jingxing is just a loss-making township enterprise. How does it refine itself into a “giant” in the packaging industry? How does it achieve a unique advantage in the development of China's paper industry? Jingxing, behind the 'giant' of the packaging industry, is standing next to another 'giant'?

Zhu Zailong: At the age of 24, he became the director of the factory, leading Jingxing Paper to the fast lane of development.

The predecessor of Jingxing Paper was the second paper mill in Pinghu City. It was a township collective enterprise established in July 1984. It started with a loan of 200,000 yuan from the bank with a capital of 3,000 yuan. In 1988, Zhu Zailong, who was only 24 years old, served as the director of Pinghu No. 2 Paper Mill. Since then, Jingxing Paper has opened its extraordinary development path.

At the end of 1999, Zhu Zailong boldly shot and borrowed more than 20 million yuan. From the hands of Caoqiao Township Collective Assets Management Company, he received a capital contribution of 27.5 million yuan from Jingxing Paper and served as the chairman of Jingxing Paper. Under his leadership, through expansion, technological transformation, enterprise mechanism innovation and other means, after more than 10 years, a small township factory with an annual output of only 500 tons will be developed into a large-scale enterprise with a certain reputation in China. In 2000, Jingxing Paper's annual production capacity reached 70,000 tons.

In September 2001, Jingxing Paper successfully attracted the participation of three strategic partners. The introduction of these three shareholders not only improved the company's image, but also brought capital and advanced management concepts, staff training and process routes and related technologies, especially the advantages of two international shareholders in terms of technology and resources. It has broadened its international vision and provided strong support for the development of Jingxing. At that time, the company's production capacity reached 100,000 tons, and began to build a production line of 150,000 tons of A-grade high-grade kraftliner paper. Jingxing Paper quickly entered the “fast lane” of development.

Annual production capacity of one million tons, set up a company at home and abroad

Jingxing began to develop rapidly, and Zhu Zailong had a new and clear understanding of the future of the company. He believes that as an economically developed East China region, China's packaging paper consumption is the largest and fastest growing market. Jingxing Paper should firmly focus on this market and occupy localized regional advantages. In terms of raw materials, the waste paper recycling technology of one of the company's Japanese shareholders is second to none in the world, which guarantees the leading position of Jingxing's gross profit margin in the same industry. In terms of products, Jingxing's products are high-strength and low-weight high-grade kraftliner paper, which is one of the products that are in short supply in China and can replace imported products. At the same time, it is also a green environmental protection product. The raw material is waste paper, which is a model of resource recycling advocated by the state. Based on the above advantages, the company's production capacity was 100,000 tons in 2001; in 2003, the company's production capacity was 200,000 tons; by 2005, the company's production capacity has reached 300,000 tons.

The listing of the company in 2006 is the beginning of another leap in Jingxing Paper. In 2007, the company invested in a new project to produce 200,000 tons of white-faced cattle cardboard, which was completed and put into production in 2010. At present, the company's annual paper production capacity reaches 1 million tons. In addition to the Pinghu production base, it also sets up production bases and trade and investment companies in Chongqing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and Beijing. At the same time, companies are established in Australia and Canada.

In order to achieve the transformation and upgrading of products, Jingxing Paper aims at the tissue paper market. In March 2011, the “Pin” brand came out; in July, the first eco-friendly household paper series was freshly released; in October, it headed into the CP Lotus Supermarket, officially opened the “smoke” of the terminal sales; Into the Carrefour supermarket, successfully stood in Shanghai, and gradually radiated into the Yangtze River Delta region; in January 2012, successfully landed in E-mart, fully created the life paper era of Jingxing Paper; subsequently, Wumei, Century Lianhua, Sanjiang The gradual entry of large supermarket chains such as Lotte Mart and RT-Mart indicates that Pinhao has an indispensable position in the tissue paper industry. In October 2012, the company set up a post-processing production workshop to independently produce core rolls, plastic coated tissues, boxed tissues and other product series. In October 2013, it joined the handkerchief paper production line and gradually improved the whole life paper. Production and processing equipment, providing more direction for the expansion of the brand; in 2014, the company put into production of 68,000 tons of raw paper production capacity, and gradually improved the integration of the industrial chain of the tissue paper project from the previous production to the subsequent processing, for the consumer paper project products. Quality provides an important guarantee.

Breaking through the dilemma of raw materials and building projects in Malaysia

Later, Zhu Zailong made another major decision and made a transition to internationalization. In order to solve the dilemma of imported raw materials and break through the bottleneck of scale expansion, the company plans to establish a raw material and raw paper production base overseas to establish the company's overseas raw material channels, extend the company's industrial chain, further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and decide to invest in the annual production in Selangor, Malaysia. The project of 800,000 waste paper pulp board and 600,000 tons of packaging base paper production base has a total investment of 299.40 million US dollars. The project's production base is located 50 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur city center, 20 kilometers from the airport and 40 kilometers from the largest port in Malaysia, Port Klang. The traffic conditions are very convenient. At present, the overseas investment project has obtained the “Economic Investment Certificate of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce” and the “Notice of the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission on the Record of Overseas Investment Projects”. The company has also completed the registration of JINGXINGHOLDINGS(M)SDN.BHD. (Jingxing Holdings (M) Co., Ltd.), a wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia, and obtained a production license issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Trade Development.

For Jingxing Paper, all the way to the road, Zhu Zailong confidently said: Jingxing's future should be a large-scale, intensive, global enterprise! It is a company that has made significant contributions to the national industry! It is a green enterprise that makes people who are in the middle of it and who cares about her proud!

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