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date: 2019-07-12

The second round of environmental protection inspectors officially opened.

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Source: Ministry of Ecology and Environment, People's Daily, Paint Purchasing Network

  Lead: Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a notice saying that the first batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors in the second round will be fully launched! The supervision has set up 8 central ecological environmental protection inspection teams, which are responsible for 6 provinces (cities) such as Shanghai, Fujian, Hainan, Chongqing, Gansu and Qinghai, and China Minmetals Corporation Co., Ltd. and China National Chemical Corporation. Two central enterprises carried out inspections and stationed in the work, and the stationing time was about one month. It is also stipulated in the announcement that the inspected provinces (municipalities) and group companies are not allowed to take simple and violent behaviors such as emergency stoppages and suspensions of production due to inspectors, and “discontinuation” and “stop and talk again”.

第二轮环保督察正式开启 不得为应付督查紧急停工停业停产


At the press conference of the State Council Information Office held earlier, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Yan Qing said: According to the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, starting from 2019, in 2020 and 2021, three years will be spent on the inspected objects. Conduct a new round of inspections. Reuse the 2022 year to 'review' some localities and departments.

The inspector groups are as follows:

The first group: Shanghai, team leader Zhu Zhixin, deputy head Zhao Yingmin;

The second group: Fujian Province, team leader Huang Longyun, deputy head Liu Hua;

The third group: Hainan Province, team leader Jiang Jufeng, deputy head Zhao Yingmin;

The fourth group: Chongqing City, the team leader Zhang Baoshun, the deputy head of the group, Qing Qing;

The fifth group: Gansu Province, the team leader Jiao Huancheng, deputy leader Huang Runqiu;

The sixth group: Qinghai Province, the leader Yang Song, deputy head Huang Runqiu;

Group 7: China Minmetals Corporation Limited, leader Li Jiaxiang, deputy head of the group, Qing Qing;

Group 8: China National Chemical Corporation Co., Ltd., leader Ma Zhongping, deputy head Liu Hua.

During the stationing period, the inspector groups will set up contact telephone numbers and postal mail boxes respectively to receive incoming calls from the inspectors for ecological environmental protection.

Moreover, the Ministry of the Environment issued a document clarifying that the inspected provinces (municipalities) and group companies are not allowed to take simple and violent acts such as emergency stoppages and suspensions of production for the inspectors, and “all stop and stop” and “stop before talking” and other perfunctory responses. practice. For the rectification of relevant ecological and environmental issues, we must adhere to the law and regulations, focus on overall planning, and establish a long-term mechanism. It is necessary to leave time for the units and personnel directly responsible for investigating and rectifying the work of rectification, prohibiting the layers from being overweighted and avoiding the speed-up of the level, especially for industries or fields involving people's livelihood. It should be properly handled, classified, and promoted in an orderly manner. A one-size-fits-all behavior. In the case of adopting a “one size fits all” approach to passively responding to inspectors, the inspector team will deal with them seriously and find them together, investigate and deal with them, and report them together.

Regarding environmental supervision, the controversial issue was the content of specific supervision. Most flexible packaging companies are not clear. So what do you check for environmental supervision? How to check it? In order to let the majority of soft-package enterprises understand what environmental protection supervision is, how to check, Xiaobian brought the content and standards of environmental supervision, for reference by major soft-pack companies.

1. What is the environmental protection inspection?

According to the speech of the relevant inspectors of the inspector group, the focus of the environmental protection issue is to inspect the provincial party committee and the provincial government to implement the national environmental protection decision-making arrangements, solve outstanding environmental problems, implement the responsibility of environmental protection subjects, promote the provincial ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, and promote ECO development:

Focus on the prominent environmental issues and their handling of the central government's high level of concern, strong public reflections, and poor social impact;

Focus on the inspection of regional watersheds and remediation in which environmental quality is deteriorating;

Focus on inspecting the situation of local party committees and governments and their relevant departments in terms of environmental inaction and chaos;

Focus on understanding the local implementation of environmental protection party and government responsibilities and responsibility, strict accountability, etc.;

'Check the list of problems, hand over the responsibility of the government, check the list to promote implementation', help local problems, establish accounts, further compact responsibility and promote implementation. Specifically, the first is to find problems, the second is to verify the rectification of the problem, and the third is to sort out the implementation of the relevant tasks of the pollution prevention and control battle.

2. What are the local inspections?

The ones that are closely related to us are:

At the same time of production of accessories, there are powder accessories, related coal-fired boilers and other equipment to be sealed;

It is found that products with noise and strong smell should be rectified;

Manufacturers without a business license or irregularity need to be reorganized;

Investigate the existence of fire safety hazards;

By the way, check the fake and fake imitation cards.

The factory has one of the following problems: it will face fines, shut down, order rectification, interviews, etc.:

Stealing wastewater;

Ejecting pungent gas such as paint;

Low frequency noise or noise is too large;

Dust pollution

The EIA was not publicly announced;

No environmental approval procedures;

There is a potential safety hazard in the motor unit;

Illegal construction;

Privately concealed pipe discharge;

Cinder is scattered everywhere;

There is a problem with paper slag pit filling;

No wastewater recovery system;

No water withdrawal permit has been processed;

Not operating in bright light;

Storage tanks without leakage prevention measures other wastes;

Pollution control facilities are simple and old;

The concentration of soot emissions exceeds the standard;

The accumulated garbage in the factory area was not treated in time;

The environmental impact assessment document has not been submitted for approval;

Pollution control facilities have not been accepted by the environmental protection department;

The sewage permit expires;

Illegal production;

The filter pool cod exceeds the standard;

No sewage permit.

Environmental watchdog’s rights

When conducting on-site inspections, the number of environmental supervisors engaged in on-site law enforcement shall not be less than two, and shall present the “China Environmental Supervision Enforcement Certificate” and other administrative law enforcement certificates, indicating their identity and explaining the law enforcement matters.

Environmental inspectors have the following rights:

(1) Entering relevant places for survey, sampling, monitoring, photographing, recording, video recording, and making transcripts;

(2) consulting and copying relevant materials;

(3) Appointing and inquiring about relevant personnel, requesting explanation of relevant matters and providing relevant materials;

(4) ordering to stop or correct the illegal acts;

(5) Applying the summary procedure of administrative punishment and making an administrative punishment decision on the spot;

(6) Other measures prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.

Enterprises should remember: We must not violently resist the law, do not implement it, and do not cooperate with the supervisors. Otherwise the consequences are serious.

The first batch of the first batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors has been opened. With the first batch of 8 inspection teams successively stationed in 2 central enterprises in 6 provinces (cities), more inspection teams will be stationed. Many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and central enterprises have gradually covered the whole country, and then tens of thousands of soft-package enterprises across the country will usher in a new round of supervision!

In this sense, the government’s policy of being “one size fits all” for the inspected enterprises is also the protection of some small and medium-sized soft pack factories. However, the soft pack factory must start from its own and completely rectify its own shortcomings before it can be environmentally friendly. Stand up in the storm!

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