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date: 2019-07-11

Rookie launches new green recycling bin

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Source: People's Political Consultative Conference Network


Lead: On July 5th, the party secretary and director of the State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng led a delegation of the National Postal Administration Director to visit the new green recycling bin jointly launched by the rookie and Sitong Yida Express. After hearing that this green recycling bin was both convenient to deploy and very cheap, Ma Junsheng expressed his affirmation on the spot.

At present, waste sorting is being carried out in many places throughout the country, and waste sorting, treatment and recycling of resources have received extensive attention. The rookie has already set up about 5,000 green recycling bins at the rookie station in 200 cities across the country, so that everyone can “save the carton at the station for others to use for free”. Starting from May of this year, the rookie will start the innovation and upgrade of green recycling bins with the five major express companies such as Shentong, Yunda, Yuantong, Zhongtong and Baishi.

According to the person in charge of the rookie, compared with the old iron green recycling bin, the new recycling bin uses new materials, is lighter and foldable, easy to transport and deploy, and its price is more 'close to the people.' In addition, cartons and fillers can be stored in categories and recycled. After listening to the introduction, Ma Junsheng expressed his affirmation on the spot. Zhao Min, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, also said that the new recycling bin is economical.

It is reported that the current rookie and the five major express companies have promoted this new recycling box nationwide, deployed in many rookie stations and express outlets across the country. “Our industry is very sensitive to cost and has limited operating space. The new recycling bins are cheap and compact, and can be placed in the corners without occupying the floor space.” Shentong Express’s outlets said that the new recycling bins are close to the people. The design is conducive to the whole society to participate in the carton recycling work.

On the same day, Ma Junsheng also visited the Rookie Future Park, the rookie station and the face recognition secure mailing system. Ma Junsheng is committed to technological innovation for the rookie, and promotes the express logistics industry to face a number of intellectual transformation and upgrading.

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