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date: 2019-07-12

China's coated paper market will continue its downturn in 2019

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Source: Zhiyan Consulting

China's coated paper production capacity statistics from 2009 to 2018


 During the period of 2009-2011, the domestic coated paper industry capacity expansion was mainly due to new capacity plants:



During the period of 2009-2011, China's coated paper industry developed rapidly, and the production capacity of coated paper increased from 5.79 million tons in 2009 to 7.99 million tons in 11 years, setting a peak in the capacity expansion of China's coated paper industry.

Since 2011, due to excessive investment in the early coated paper industry and concentrated production capacity, the production capacity of China's coated paper industry has dropped to 6.75 million tons in 2018. The main producers are Jindong Paper, Hainan Jinhai, Chenming Paper and Sun Paper. Huatai Paper, etc.


  In 2017, the output of coated paper in China was 6.75 million tons, and the demand was 5.85 million tons. In 2018, the domestic coated paper output was 6.55 million tons, and the demand was 5.81 million tons. China's coated paper supply exceeds demand, the industry's prosperity has declined, profitability has declined, and some enterprises have gradually withdrawn; however, capacity utilization is on the rise.



In the field of coated paper consumption, the proportion of journals is 68%, the album accounts for 25%, the single page accounts for 5%, and the other accounts for 2%.

With the development of electronic media, in 2017, a total of 10,130 journals were published, with a total number of 2.492 billion copies printed, totaling 13.66 billion printed sheets. Compared with the previous year, the total number of prints decreased by 7.59%, and the total printed sheets decreased by 10.06%. The total number of printed sheets in China's journals declined, and the demand for cultural papers is expected to remain sluggish.



  Due to the slowdown in economic growth and the impact of electronic media, the demand for coated paper in China is declining. In 2018, the output and demand of coated paper decreased by 2.96% and 0.68% respectively. With the addition of electronic media, demand for coated paper continued to be weak and weak in 2019.

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